{top three Tuesday... }

So I saw a fellow instagramer post about blogging a "top three Tuesday" as she had seen someone else do. 

Honestly, there were parts of today that could've been a lot better. But just like anything in life, there was so much more good than negative in my day & I want to focus on that!! So I thought I'd join in the top three Tuesday this week!! 

• my sweet husband hearing my frustration and getting me Starbucks AND another new Starbucks Christmas mug!! It really brightened my toddler tantrum filled day right up!! 

• having our brother, sister, and our nephew & niece over for dinner! Watching our kiddos play together and laugh together. Sharing my day with my sister in law and her literally sitting there saying "me too!!", sharing an evening with her over a cup of tea/coffee, as our kids ran back and forth between us and their daddies. I'm not sure we finished one complete thought but the time was still so good for the soul!!! I just love our family!! 

• the fact that my baby girl is peacefully sleeping, and she insisted on cuddling baby sister (in my belly) for awhile before her daddy took her to bed. The sweetness and love she already shows her sister... It melts my heart!! ❤️ 

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