{the chaos}

So anyone else began the Christmas chaos?! 

This year was suppose to be nice and relaxing. We aren't traveling. Our families aren't really doing presents besides buying for the kids. 


That was our goal. 

I do still think we will have a peaceful holiday. I really do. 

But man. How did I all of a sudden get so much to do?! 

I'm way behind on wrapping Gifts. You'd think it would be easier this year since basically I only have Harper's to wrap. But hers are the hardest. While, we don't really do the whole gifts from Santa thing... I normally would have them all wrapped and under the tree by now.

Well. This child is sooo excited about Christmas and loves the idea of gifts and giving gifts even more!  There are two gifts under our tree right now and they are both for her daddy. I think she's tried giving them to him every day since they were placed there... Saying "merrryyyy Christmas daddy!!!" Ha! It's so cute!!! But has led me to waiting to wrap stuff. And waiting to put stuff in the stockings. And just waiting. 

I'm not so good at this. Ha! 

It makes me feel like it's chaotic. Even though it's really not. 

I'm so excited for this Christmas with her, though!!! This is our last Christmas as a family of three!!! Exciting and a bit sad, all at the same time! 

I want to make sure our little princess- our soon to be big sister has the best Christmas!!!! ❤️

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