{ #lifegoals}

I see this hashtag a lot.  and honestly.  it makes me roll my eyes a lot. ha.

But.  As the year is about to begin, and we are concentrating on our vision for the year... which isn't quite complete yet... I cannot wait to blog about it!! But it includes simplifying.  Focusing on our family.  Focusing on our relationship with God and decluttering any obstacles.

have you have felt God hit you over the head... repeatedly.  it's those quiet whispers that are easy to ignore, then they get louder... then basically what he is wanting you to hear is EVERYWHERE!!!  yeah.  welcome to our life the last month or so.

this coming week, our pastor is going to challenge us to fast.  fast in prayer.  fast from one meal.  fast from eating for the week (biblical fasting is quite frankly amazing isn't it?!).  I've never fasted for a week... and well, I doubt it would be too smart considering I'm pregnant.  but I hope to do that before long.

but one thing that has been following me wherever I go... those not so quiet whispers... spiritual warfare.  we are equipped to battle this warfare... God has already defeated our enemy.  but.  that doesn't mean we can do whatever we please.

long story short:  it's time to prune some branches.  this is hard for me.  let's use the example of social media.  i have struggled with this for years.  i think mostly because i realize it is empty... time used up on something that is quite empty.  our pastor made an AMAZING point this past weekend:  we aren't always called to prune dead vines and limbs.  sometimes those things that need pruning are live... they may even be good.  but if they are taking up space and taking away from God and His plan for us... then it's time to prune it. That hit me like a ton of bricks!!! That is why I struggle with social media... I love the connections and the friendships I've made, I love taking part in others lives and sharing my own... but is it fruitful?  Not really.  It isn't bad, but I don't feel it really produces fruit either.

so.  here i am.  i have limited my self on instagram and facebook checking and posts... mostly you will find me here on this blog... sharing my thoughts and collecting memories.  i will still check facebook, but i'm just not making it as easy for myself and same with instagram.  so you can still find me there... just don't be surprised if it takes me a bit to get back to you.

instead of grabbing my phone and looking on social media when i wake up, i am going to grab my youversion app on my phone or even ... gasp... my bible!

wish me luck friends!!

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