{life before the mom-knot... }

i've seen so many posts lately about how mamas can't remember life before their babies.  and i know what they mean.  they mean they are happy.  that their children are the perfect addition to their family.  that their children make their family complete.

and with all of those statements i whole-heartedly agree.  but am i really the only one that remembers life before the mom-knot?!

i'm not saying it was better... in fact, the exact opposite.  but i'd be lying if there were some days i'd love to sleep in, sipping on coffee, and watching something besides diego or dora.  ha!
but those Saturday morning snuggles i got this morning... the ones that lasted for almost 2 hours, little arms wrapped around my neck, lots of smooches... those i wouldn't replace for any sleep filled night or sleeping in til 10!  in fact, i wouldn't trade any of it...

as we prepare for our second little princess, i know life is getting ready to change even more and i'm so excited!! because if i've learned anything in the last almost two years of motherhood, it's this.... that even the most challenging of changes or seasons are beautiful when you are a mama.  this is what God has called me to do.

last night as we laid in bed, our family of 3 (+ little sister in my belly), doing our evening devotional with Harper, watching her sing "I give because God gave me Jesus... it's what I do, do do, do...." at the top of her lungs, I felt God whisper to my heart... this, this why I created you - for you to be her mommy, for you to lead her in my way.  And that my friends, that trumps all.  if i was created ... my only purpose in life, being for nothing more than to be her and her little sister's mommy... then that, my friends, is the highest purpose i could ever imagine!

so for a split second, i might long for binge watching on netflix or amazon prime - something else besides shows that wait for your response awkwardly... all it ever takes is that sweet little voice or hug... or even being called "mommy", and i'd trade every 8hour+ night of sleep i've ever gotten! ♥

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