{letting it go... embracing the good}

so last week I won a give away that one of my favorite instagram mommy friends was doing!! you should really check out her blog, friends!!!... click here!

i met MaLyn a while back through social media!  in fact, in this give away post, she refers to the fact that a year ago she made the decision to make her instagram public (take it off private settings) in order to connect with moms through instagram (see that here)!! i, for one, am so glad she did :)  even though, ironically enough... we didn't meet through instagram, but through facebook i believe. 

anyway... it really got me to thinking.  i've wrestled with social media and the sharing vs not sharing of my life publicly for quite awhile.  i know there are major creepers out there... like major.  like scary, steal your picture creepers.  and i also know there are just people out there that are nosy and curious, harmless... but really that i'd rather them not know all the ends and outs of my life that are meant for my family and friends.  so every once in awhile, you'll see me fort knox it and lock everything down in a momentary freak out, ha!

but this was such a good reminder to me that opening myself up publicly really does have some awesome benefits!  i have met some really really awesome friends through social media.  a lot of mom friends and mom blogger friends who i really do feel like are real life friends, even though i have never met them face to face.  we've laughed together, prayed for one another, and listened to one another vent, and i'm pretty sure even cried together on occasion.  i've connected with some amazing women that i'm quite certain i wouldn't have met otherwise.

to those of you that legitimately want to connect and get to know one another because you feel we have common ground, please, please do!!! find me on insta! for the super duper creepers... the scary ones.  just don't.  go find some one else to be scary creepy to.... i promise there are a lot more interesting people out there! and for the harmless, nosy/curious ones...
welcome to my unbelievably happy, blessed, wonderful life!  and yes, this happiness is real.  hey ... maybe let's be friends, then you don't have to be nosy ;P

i'm sure i'll continue to flip back and forth, especially as my girls grow.  it's hard wanting to share how wonderful they are, but being concerned about putting them out there where the whole world has access. 

but that being said... let's connect!  if you love jesus, your hubby, your kiddos, your friends... and chick- fil- a & caffeine... or if you're just a non-creepy stalker mama (ha!), I'd love to get to know you ♥ 

here's to social media, bringing mamas together!
xoxo ♥

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