Did you guys know that some users accounts were getting locked or even deleted last week????  Insert terrified face here!!!! Aside from blogging, Instagram is my go to memory catcher!! I locked that baby down!!! I havn't had my account private in awhile!! Here I am, secretly wishing I had backed up my photos already... I need to do that asap!! But - in reality, I feel bad because I get request for follows in and I don't even know they are there, yikes again!! 

But. - do you all snapchat?! Wait is that the right verbage?! Is it a verb?! I'm not gonna lie - snap chat makes me feel old. All of my mommy friends and I laugh- none of us really know exactly how to use it. Completely. Yes. I just admitted it!! 

Ok. Enough social media monopolization for now!! 


  1. What is your snapchat name!? I'm on there and I'm clueless!! #feelingold lol

  2. haha. i really have no idea what i'm doing. i'm mrs_tisthammer... what's your username?