{husband love}

I think it's so important for us mamas to brag on our husband now & then... Don't you agree?!

Well, my guy... he's pretty awesome!

I use to do a post every week about "why i love my husband...".  I LOVED doing it!  I'm sure some saw it as nauseating, while some I'm sure thought I was over compensating... while, y'all... I just believe in building my husband up, in our home as well as publicly!

I'm not going to pretend we have a perfect marriage.  We don't.  not in any way, shape or form!  That man can infuriate me more than any human being on the planet.  We know how to push one another's buttons and often times do it accidentally.  But on the flip side, there is no one I'd rather be on this journey of life with!!  He's my best friend and we have been through so much together.  I can't imagine doing life without him!!

My hubby took me and our little lady out to dinner tonight!! It was just one of those good nights!  We had planned to go to dinner, but little did I know he would surprise me with dinner at one of the best italian places in town... one we rarely go to because, well... we aren't rich, ha!  Apparently Harper knew... she wore her pearls ;) ... anyway... it was a great evening!  Harper was so well mannered at the restaurant and the food was amazing.  Then something happened that made me take a look at my phone (we are trying SO hard to disconnect in order to intentionally connect...) and I had a text from my husband!!! He had sent me a starbucks card ♥  now come on.  how sweet is that?! swoon! ♥  this man.  he spoils me.  To top it all off, he took me by hobby lobby on the way home... even though the broncos game had already started!! Such a wonderful man!

I've been feeling larger and larger everyday.  I can honestly say I never feel more beautiful than when I'm pregnant and I can contribute a lot of that to my husband.  He tells me how beautiful I am more than once a day.  Last night I mumbled something about feeling uncomfortable and larger than ever.... His response was "no, you are my gorgeous pregnant wife!!".  Now come on.  As much as it makes me roll my eyes a little, that sticks in the heart, am i right?!

I just love this man!

I love that our girls get to have him as their father.  Their first true love!

We are three blessed gals... that is for sure!! ♥

xoxo ♥ a wife in love! 

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