{Hayden Alexis}

Our sweet baby girl - our second born.

Oh how I cannot wait to meet her, get to know her personality, study her little face and hands!! 

At almost 28weeks it's so hard to believe we are in the final stretch!!! I cannot wait for our girls to meet!! 

It's no secret that we wrestled with a name choice for awhile!!! We found out we were having a girl around the 12 week mark!! I was dead set on a name. Like set!!! Rob didn't like it. No budging. And that just wasn't ok!! Our baby girl had to have a name we both love! So Eden quickly was marked off our list, although I still love the name!!! 

I let it go. We didn't really talk about it much, we threw around a few names here and there - Rob even downloaded name apps on his phone since he was the one more laid back and I was the one sitting over here saying "I am growin a child inside me!!! We need to name her!! Lol" 

You might remember a few months back Hayden was even a name I said we had thrown out. We had a list!  We had it down to three: Emilia, Emery, or McKenna. I loved the E names and we loved the idea of her nickname being "emmie"... but neither one of them seemed to be our baby girl!  I know about ten jillion McKennas. But, I love the name. And hearing Harper say it was even cuter!!... "Kenna!!"  That was quite honestly almost our pick! Like we were almost there!!! And then I just kept seeing it everywhere - friends little girls on Facebook, random strangers kids on social media, etc and I just realized I just really didn't like it for this baby! I knew that if it was THE name, no matter the cons, I'd still love it.  But - I left it on the table for Rob to decide! We went back to the drawing board so to speak and pulled out the list on my phone. I just REALLY loved the sound of Hadlee and Hayden both - and how they both sounded with Harper!! Rob wasn't sold on Hadlee... and I was iffy on Hayden for awhile. But the moment I heard "hayden alexis" and even better, saw it in writing... my heart knew!  But I didn't want to push Rob too much -  I really wanted it to be his choice.  

Two weeks ago we had Rob's parents and his brother and our sister in law over for dinner. We started talking names. We discussed our list and then some!! We still weren't 100% on any of our new top three. I mean. Throughout this pregnancy we had about five different top threes haha. 

I had about all given up - thinking ok, we are going to just have to meet her first. 

Then Christmas morning came. 

All three of us had opened most of our gifts, it had been a picture perfect morning. Like really. We were all in a great mood and even laughed together as I got grumpy making breakfast... Cause mama doesn't really operate too well that early on half a cup of coffee. It was just a good good good Christmas morning. Then Rob handed me a bag. Inside was a hobby lobby bag. At first I thought- wow!!! He got me something fun from Hobby Lobby!!! ... Which he did ;) I just had no idea how fun!! 

I opened it up and started pulling out wooden letters!!!! All random and out of order. But I saw an H, an A, a D, and then a Y... I then knew!!! I started bawling!!! It was right then.. RIGHT THEN that I was 10000% sure!!  Our little girl is Hayden!! Little miss Hayden T!! 

Harper has already been calling baby sister, "baby haayyyden".  It melts my heart!!

It's so amazing how when you decide on "the" name how much peace it brings.  I remember the same feeling with Harper.  It just gives the baby an identity and it's so awesome!! So keep an eye out for lots of "#harperplushayden" hashtags!! Apparently, Harper and Hayden are pretty popular sibling names, ha! So I had to get creative with a hashtag that could be ours alone ♥ 

So very excited!!!

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