Sometimes I forget that I'm not the only one "expecting".

Our whole family is waiting in expectation! 

Even Harper. 

Granted, she isn't quite certain exactly what is happening... How could she. She's not even two. But she knows sister is in mommy's tummy and she wants her to come out! 

In fact, the common happening around our house is for Harper to want to lay on my baby belly. She will lift up my shirt, just enough for her little face to touch my skin, and lay there - feeling her baby sister kick her. She loves it. 

It is the sweetest thing!! But it reminds me. She is waiting too. Just like I'm waiting to be a mommy again, she is waiting to be a big sister for the first time!!  So amazing!! 

I'm the youngest in my family - so this big sister thing is new for both of us! I'm so excited for her! She is going to be just the best big sister!!! 

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