I decided to pick back up doing a "currently" post here and there & link up with Becky over at Choose Happy ❤️ 

Currently, Ive (or we) been.... 

Sushi!!!! In fact. One of our grocery stores has a little sushi bar and I literally crave sushi from there... Constantly!! Not from our normal sushi place - FROM THE GROCERY STORE, people!!! Logically that sounds awful haha. But they make the best spicy crunch roll! It even has bites of jalapeƱo in every piece!! Rob was a loving husband and went and got some for me this week when the baby was basically demanding it!! 

Which leads me to the next item.... 

Sipping ... 
On his sushi run, this grocery store also happens to have a Starbucks - at which he also bought me my annual Christmas mug from him!! What a great surprise!! I've really enjoyed sipping my yummy lattes from it this week!! 

No, not THAT kind of toting y'all!!! I know I live in CO, but jeez ;) 
I found THE CUTEST bag this week (of course while shopping for others)... FOR TWO DOLLARS!!! Two!! 
I fell in love with it, because... Well I'm definitely #crazythankful!! 

Last year, my mother in law and I started a little tradition of taking Harper to see Santa at a local high school's craft fair! He's really just the best looking Santa... And he's free!!! Harper did well... She was apprehensive and didn't really want to smile, but then didn't want to get down from his lap when it was time to go, haha! 

Continuing our advent...
We have continued our Tisthammer family dinner/advent by meeting last night as a family. We have also been doing advent with Harper nightly, using the you version app for kids and of course her chocolate countdown and link chain countdown ❤️

& more Christmas-ing.... 
Tonight we had our super fun ladies Christmas party at the church - including a Christmas mug exchange (does that have my name written all over it or what?!) it was so fun!!! And gave me an excuse to make gluten and dairy filled Christmas treats!!!!! 

Well, there's really so much more going on around here too... I'll get to that eventually I'm sure :)
But these are the highlights over the last few days. I just love this time of year and how enjoyably busy we stay!! I think we have plans every day/night for the next few weeks. It wears me out thinking about it a bit since I'm such a home body - but it's all so fun and festive!!! 
Have a great week, friends!!! 

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  1. Love your Adorable tote bag and the picture with Santa! How cute!!

    Thank you so much for joining my Currently series! XOXO