{Christmas 2015}

Waking up this morning was so amazing... Sleeping in (thanks Harper), and then walked out of our room.

Oh. Boy. 

Our house. Is. A. Mess!!!

Basically Christmas exploded yesterday and then we left for the day. 

Funny how I forgot that. 

Toys to sort through, find a spot for. Laundry to do. Dishes to do. Oh and I just asked Harper if she wanted to get dressed and go brave the crazies for some good after Christmas deals. She literally laughed hysterically at me. So is that a no?! 

But my goodness what a wonderful day yesterday. 

It really started Christmas Eve. We got all dressed up and went to one of our Christmas Eve services at church,  it was wonderful. Then we ran home, I changed out of my 5inch heals (yeah what was I thinking lol), and headed out for our first Christmas dinner at the Harrison's. We ate yummy food and spent some great quality time together. Then headed home, got Harper to bed and the presents out and stockings stuffed. 

Christmas morning was so fun!! We woke up, well... First off... My hubby woke me up at 3am wanting to have Christmas. I gave him (I'm sure) the craziest look and politely (or not so politely) told him he was crazy!! So around 7 we got up, did stockings, stuck a breakfast casserole in, and opened gifts. Harper was so fun... "For meeee???!!" Before she opened everything. It was the cutest!! 

After we ate and were lazy bums - played with new toys - we headed to Matt & Leah's for brunch and a wonderful time with family and friends!! Then back home for nap time - then straight over to Ama & Ampa's for Christmas dinner and secret Santa gifts!! 

Such a fun day!! And in between all that, Rob gave me exactly what I wanted for Christmas (he got me so many amazing things... but this is what I REALLY wanted!!) !! A name for our baby!! We had it narrowed down - but he wrapped up the letters to the name and gave it to me for Christmas. I cried. It was so special!! And now our little one has a name!! We announced it on Facebook and Instagram today after telling our families yesterday. I'll do a separate- all on its own post about her name soon. So until then... You can check us out on fb or insta! 

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!!!  Keep an eye out for a baby name post and of course more Christmas pictures! ♥  It's time to go brave the post holiday crowd and tackle target!! But of course, mama will need a Starbucks fix first ... All my Starbucks are out of caramel brûlée and some even out of red cups (gaspppp!!!)... So I gotta soak up that chestnut praline!!! 


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