{bye-bye paci!!!}

So, we've been paci free for a few weeks now. I hesitated blogging this milestone... Mostly because I was unsure it would stick. 

Harper did it all on her own. 

I had heard rumors of fairytales of this happening. I thought surely this was impossible. 

I was wrong. 

I'm not a fan of pacifiers!!! In fact I wasn't sure we'd even introduce one when she was an infant. 

But life happened. Her first shot in the hospital - the nurse said the paci would help ease the pain during it. So we agreed to her giving it to Harper. Then Harper had jaundice so we had to have her blood tested everyday for a week ... So I applied the same logic the nurse told me. Then I happened upon the amazingness that my baby that already slept like a champ would sleep even longer with a pacifier. This tired mommy was sold!!! 

Which led us to having a 22 month old still walking around with a pacifier in her mouth!!! We had been saying since she was a year old, that once she lost them all - they were gone - we weren't buying new ones. 

Guess what. She always managed to find one. Then one day, out of the blue, a few weeks ago, she wanted to throw them all away!!! We actually tried talking her out of it - we were sure she didn't realize that meant they were gone for good. She insisted. So we let her. Then Rob sneaked then out and we washed them and hid them, just knowing she would want them back. Well. We were wrong. 

In fact, she found one this weekend and told me, "baby paci!!! Baby sister!"  I was shocked. 

She has been so easy so far with things like this. It was a similar transition when she quit bottles. 

Now can potty training now be this easy?! 

Harper is quick to tell you these days that, "I a big girl!!!" ... I keep reminding her she will always be mamas baby!!! ❤️

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