{27 weeks}

Just a quick little update!! 

Happy Third Trimester!!! 

The belly is finally front and center! I've said so many times that I'm carrying this baby differently. I'm really thinking it has a lot to do with my placenta being up front. 

Two milestones this week... 

• the husband looked at me and said, "wow your baby belly is finally getting big" lol. I laughed. Because I totally agreed!! 

• a stranger asked me for the first time when I am due!!! 

I feel like the baby has also turned - at least I hope! I'm feeling a majority of my kicks higher up past my belly button, where they had been quite low. Also, I went from having more of a small cantaloupe looking belly to a more stretched - from top to bottom - belly!! I'm curious to see what my doctor says in a couple of weeks! 

I feel like we are SO close to a name choice!! I can't wait!! 

Busy! Busy!!! It is Christmas Eve, Eve after all ;) 
Xoxo ❤️

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