{26 weeks}

My last week in my second trimester... Next week I'll be seven months pregnant.

That is just so crazy!!! This pregnancy is seriously flying. So fast that I had a little freak out in my head yesterday.... Haha. You know that point when you realize what your body is going through and is about to go through again!!  yeah. 

So anyway!

At 26 weeks, I'm already feeling it. I'm tired. But at the same time, I'm really enjoying this pregnancy!! This little girl is so active- kicks, rolls, hiccups... You name it! 

I think we are closer to naming her - I think. Right now it's down to two! Unless we hear a name that we haven't heard yet and fall in love with it - we are either going to have another little "H" or an "M"! Both aren't too common, and I love that!! Rob and I can think of two famous people with the "H" name and well - the "M" is a little more popular- but none the less, I think we have it narrowed down. Harper has a favorite. It's pretty cute!! I'll have to get a video of us talking to her about it to post after we announce the name - hopefully that's before the hospital, haha!

No crazy cravings this week. No stretch marks and my belly button is still in. It never popped with Harper so I'm very curious to see if it will this pregnancy! I feel like my weight gain has been good - even though we don't even own a scale hahaha!! I'm so dreading my glucose test in a couple of weeks ... Ugh!!! I don't mind the drink - more the way I feel when my sugar plummets. Ready to get it over with though. 

& I have to confess.  you see that scarf?! I pretty much live in it.  It is so comfy and warm... and goes with everything!! It was an early gift from Rob and Harper... shameless Old Navy plug ;)  It seriously has been my go to this winter so far!! & that sweater?! Well, my sweet sis-in-law brought me over two huge boxes of her maternity clothes! Thank goodness!! Even though this isn't my first pregnancy, with my pregnancy with Harper - most of my maternity clothes were hand me downs... and well, I handed them back, ha!  I have a few pieces I've picked up here and there, but I was wearing them every few days.. now I have some super cute pieces to put in the rotation!! & this sweater is a new favorite!! There's room for the bump, but isn't baggie! And well.  I've been living in those jeggings too... thank you forever 21! I've seriously had these pants longer than I'd like to admit, ha!... their elastic waste make them great for maternity and just regular day.

This week, on the agenda... you guys.  Tomorrow I'm cutting a few inches off of my hair.  When I say a few, I mean like 5! haha!  that is, if I don't chicken out ;) We shall see!!

Well, that's about it at 26 weeks.  We have been so busy that really, there's not much pregnancy news!
Hope you are all having a great week!!
xoxo ♥

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