{the differences...}

So I've shared before how unbelievably different this pregnancy is from my pregnancy with Harper! It's crazy different. It's funny, because even though we are expecting another little girl - it's as if from the very start she decided she was going to be completely different from her older sister. and I love that! Granted, I've often joked that if you could promise me kids like Harper I'd probably agree to tons of kids ♥

I was thinking about it last night as I laid in bed, nauseated as could be... yes at 21 weeks I still get surprise nausea hits. It's just wonderful, ha! I was thinking about how I maybe had one or two times of nausea when I was pregnant with Harper and that was in the very beginning of my first trimester. It got me to thinking... is it my mind set that is different? Is it actually the pregnancy? As I hear my doctor saying - no two pregnancies are alike, try not to compare.

I feel like when I was pregnant with Harper I had NO idea what being a parent would be like. Sure, I had my ideas - I grew up around kids, so I thought I knew what it would be like. But really, I had no clue. So really, the pregnancy itself was the best thing that had happened to me as a parent at that moment in time. It was awesome having a little one growing inside of me. I was annoyingly blissful (I've read my past blog entries and even I'm annoyed at my self, ha!... and also love that my clueless, naïve self loved Harper so much!).

But then she was born. They placed her in my arms for the first time... and then it began! THAT was the best moment! Then she nursed and THAT was the best moment! Then we took her home and THAT was the best moment.... flash forward to the first time she crawled, the first time she walked, the first time she said mommy... those are all "best moments"... greatly surpassing my pregnancy emotions with her! Every day and every second is a new bet moment as a mom. This morning, even at 5am when I heard her wake up... "mom! mommyyyyy!!! maaaaaaaaaa!!!" that was my hearts best moment of the day so far! Chances are this will be our last pregnancy. So even from the beginning I decided I wasn't going to wish it away. I was going to enjoy every bit of it. The kicks, the hiccups, the aches, the pains. But man. It's hard! Once you know how much joy is to come... you know how much happiness and just the amazingness that is to come when they place that baby in your hands... how can I not wish it away? Rob and I were talking about how we are over half way there now... 19 weeks left. And then joked if she is like her sister that means 17 weeks left. Then we both looked at one another! 17 weeks sounded so soon, haha! He was like but we don't have a name... to which I responded I KNOOWWWW!!! All of our friends know, he is driving me crazy with picking a name... crazy! ha! So that response was pretty comical! I am so excited to meet this little one!! March seems like an eternity away, but I also know how fast it goes. Not to mention how fast time goes after they're born... I don't look forward to the feeling of those fleeting moments x 2! But I do look forward to celebrating the differences and similarities! I'm so excited to see what those are... even down to the labor and delivery. I think like anything else, there are things I hope we can repeat and there are things that I know we've learned from and will do much different this time around. I'm sure that will continue as long as we are being called "daddy & mommy"! But oh, my heart... I'm not sure how there's room for any more love - but I can't wait! ♥

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