{thankful November}

One thing I love about November – blogging about what I’m thankful for – I’d like to say every day, but that’s not too realistic ;)
Today I am thankful for all the fun we’ve had this weekend!
Friday night we got to have a real grown up date night! Harper had a sleep over with Rob’s parents! A kid free 12+ hours!! We headed to our favorite gluten free restaurant down town and then to the philharmonic. It was a wonderful, relaxing evening. I woke up Saturday to a quiet house, which was sooo strange!! I loaded up Lilly in the car and headed to Starbucks then to pick up H… I missed her too much!!
Yesterday we had such a fun day!! Harper’s cousins came over in the afternoon to play a bit and the adults got to catch up. Then it was time to get ready for trick or treating!! Our church was having a trunk or treat … And I’m so thankful. It’s scary out there for an almost two year old! When did Halloween become all about the scary and not for just the fun of it?! Anyway, some of our dear friends met up with us at our church so our girls could “trunk or treat” together for a bit! It has become a little tradition. And I’m loving it!!
Harper didn’t last long. What is it about Halloween, toddlers, and melt downs?! She wanted to eat all the candy as it was being put in her bucket… And it was being put in by the handfuls!!!
So about 45 min in we called it a night. Then it was home to eat some treats and crash!
This morning, I was reminded how thankful I am for our church!!! The message today was just one of those that leaves you with your toes stepped on, your heart encouraged, and basically just wanting to do better!

After church Harper and I headed to Starbucks for Christmas cups and Christmas drinks!!! The Christmas bucket list for this year has officially started!

Tonight we head over to some friends for birthday celebrating!

It really has just been the best weekend. Not to steal the thankful thunder from the rest of the month, but so thankful for family, friends, and an awesome church family!!

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