{pregnancy & life at almost 23 weeks}

It’s here!!! I don’t want to jinx myself, but the part of my pregnancy that I remember with Harper is finally here with this little one. I FINALLY can say I’m enjoying my pregnancy!!

I told Rob last night, you know – I’m actually enjoying things now! Granted I am so ready to hold this precious little one in my arms, but I’m trying so hard not to wish away time!
We have been talking names – a lot!!! We have a top three that we actually agree on. Who knows if we will actually pick one of those or not. But shocker – my precious FAVORITE name isn’t on that list of three. Ha! I stuck to my guns a bit more with “Harper” but with this one, maybe it’s because I’ve watched Rob be a dad for almost two years now – but I want us both to LOVE the name. There are so many things we love about our top three!! I’m tempted to share, but there’s seriously a chance we won’t use any of them ha! I’ve found that I really like “e” names and “m” names this pregnancy!! I can’t wait to name her tho! To Rob it isn’t as big of a deal. His perception is that we have 4 more months. But to me, this little one has been growing inside of me since July!!! And now that she is so active and is such a huge part of my day to day, I really want to give her a name.  It is on Rob’s heart that this little one is going to be powerful, a leader, and protector! Where we just kept feeling “joy” with Harper, which is SO accurate, this one is so different!!! A good different!!

We get to see her through an ultrasound before too long! I can’t wait!! She will be a full month “older” than Harper was when we did her anatomy scan. I’m excited to see the difference.
The farther along in this pregnancy we get, the more similarities I’m seeing. Even the little kicks are so much like her big sisters! I’m definitely carrying her a little lower than Harper, but size wise I’m a little smaller in picture comparisons which is crazy to me!
No crazy cravings, besides Starbucks!! These holiday drinks are getting me!!! Holy calories!! Ha! And I’m really looking forward to pumpkin pie today at our “friend thanksgiving”!  Besides that, I’m loving grape juice and orange juice!!
Harper has been gently rubbing my belly and kissing baby sister. It’s really the cutest!!!
Time is flying!! And I know it goes by even faster through the holidays! I’m going to be in my third trimester before we know it!

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