{our ultimate provider}

Today I am thankful, SOO very thankful as I’m reminded that God is our ultimate provider!
I know I’ve mentioned before that me getting to stay home with Harper the majority of the time was and is a HUGE leap of faith. We have never been budget people. We’ve always had enough and never really worried about a budget (we still need to get better at this). But man. Now every penny and then some is accounted for. But you know what?! We let go of our worldly fears and trusted that God would provide. I often tell myself … Repeatedly. “Today’s Manna.” (See exodus 16). Basically, God gives you what you need, when you need it. It is human nature to hoard it up, saving it for later. But really. It is for today that God provides. And tomorrow he will provide.
I have been reminded of this lately through the timely selling of our extra car. We had it listed on Craigslist for about a month and I knew when it was Gods timing for us to have the $ it would sell. And guess what. It did!
Again, today I was reminded of this. As a new season is starting, I was looking at Harper’s wardrobe thinking – man. She needs new clothes and shoes!!! I kept looking at thrift stores and my mommy sites and just hadn’t had any luck. Today, an old coworker’s fiancĂ© text me saying she had a whole box of clothes for me – for Harper. A whole box of winter and summer outfits and a whole bag of winter and summer shoes!!!! Harper is so set!!!
Friends. God is so good. Even in the little, seemingly insignificant things. He is faithful!!!
I could go on and on with examples, like how He supplied money for dinner for a date night this past weekend. Even the seemingly small things friends. He’s there.
Sure does a heart good and I’m so thankful!!!

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