{our daughters, love, and yes ....sex}

I know I've mentioned before that I always envisioned myself a mom of boys.  Well, here I am with a daughter and pregnant with our second daughter.  Does God have a sense of humor or what?!  Can I be honest for a second and share one of the many reasons I always thought I'd have wanted boys? ... love and sex.  As a female, my perception of how easy these areas are for boys made me want boys.  How am I possibly equipped to teach daughters about love and sex?!  Harper is not even two and I feel like I'm already going to fail miserably in this area!
It terrifies me to think of the day that we have to have "THE TALK" with our girls!  I hope and pray that Rob and I display a true, passionate, REAL love for them.  I pray that they will not be fooled by the lust that overtakes our world.  I pray that God will protect their hearts, helping them save their hearts for someone worthy of that heart, that will respect them in all ways.
As I was reading a mother's letter to her daughter about sex I couldn't help but feel incredibly blessed and encouraged.  Why?  Because my girls have a true love example in their Dad!  I am so thankful and overwhelmed that this many is my husband, the father to my precious little girls!
I am so thankful that my daughters will have their daddy as their first example of true love!
So here I am, another Thankful November post, thankful for my amazing husband... for the amazing father of my children!
** please take a moment to read the article I linked above.  It literally moved me to tears of thankfulness. 

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