{one of those days...}

So you know those days… Those days where you’re just in a funk? I honestly think it had a lot to do with the fact we were snowed in yesterday… Not that we leave the house everyday, but it just left me feeling a little stir crazy!!! & I needed an attitude adjustment pronto!
So thankfully, my sweet mother in law had noticed Kohls was having a pretty good sale today so she and my hubby sent me on an early birthday shopping trip! I grabbed my little sidekick, stopped for Starbucks, and went shopping. It was just what I needed! Harper was the perfect little coshopper, helping me pick out new boots and Christmas ornaments! This kid. She literally gave me advice as I tried on boots… “No mommy not those” vs “oh….. I like!!!” Haha. My little fashionista! Lord knows I need the fashion help ;)
We spent quite a bit of time just shopping and enjoying our time together. Then this evening her daddy took us out to dinner! Talk about a turn around in attitude and outlook!
So today I’m thankful that just because a day starts blah, it doesn’t mean it has to set the tone for the whole day!! So thankful for some special people in my life, including my little side kick ❤️

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