my husband, my hero}

Today I am thankful for my husband. I’m sure this will be a repeat thankful offense this month.

But this week I’ve been so thankful for him literally coming home and rescuing me a lot this pregnancy. Lately it seems that I have all this energy to go, go, go & keep up with my little energy crazed adorable tornado then all of a sudden it’s gone and I’m depleted. Like can’t go. At all.
As I type he is downstairs with Harper, getting his new Xbox (spoiled ha! But really it’s a whole other story. This guy has been selling stuff on eBay, including his 360 to save up $ for this. So proud of him!!), letting her play and go crazy while I sit. Just sit. And maaaybe sip on some yummy hazelnut coffee ;)
This man. He blesses me. So thankful.

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