{our CA vacation}

what a wonderful last couple of weeks we had in California!!!
it was so strange to be back “home”… we hadn’t been back in THREE YEARS!!! but it weirdly felt like time had stopped and began again when we arrived in most areas.  Sure, our friends’ kiddos are bigger and a few things had changed – but for the most part it was just like coming home.
We hit up most if not all of our favorite spots!  It was just so great!!!
We spent a couple days with Rob’s grandparents inland – we played a lot of pinochle and took Harper to the Apple orchard and even ate lunch up in the mountains.  It. Was. Hot!!! But it was such a blessing to get to spend time with them!
Then we headed to our old church to see quite a few friends – many that we consider family! Then off to get settled at one of my life long best friend’s places! Her beautiful condo, alone, was like being on vacation! haha! An ocean and harbor view… can’t beat the location!! But anyway, we picked her up and headed to Disneyland where we met up with quite a few of Rob’s cousins.  One in which, has a daughter just days older than Harper! They live in Hawaii, so it was their first time meeting… they were SOOOO adorable!  It was a great day at Disneyland… I was EXHAUSTED as it was SO stinking HOT!!! and well, let’s face it Disneyland is exhausting anyway!
We spent the next few days with Rachelle!  It was such a great time of catching up! And Harper LOVES her “rachepelle”  (yeah, not sure why she insists on putting a “p” in her name!).
After Rachelle’s, we headed to the Jones – some of our dear friends!  We went to dinner, hung out, and spent the night at their place.  We then headed to the beach cottages on Wednesday!  To celebrate their anniversary and being married 40 years, Jack and Kathy treated us all to one of our family favorites – Crystal Cove Beach Cottages!!! It was such an awesome time of relaxation with family! So many family memories made! And Harper LOVVVVVED the ocean… like obsessed love! haha.
We wrapped up our vacation with one more night with Rachelle – squeezing in as much time with her as we could :)
As amazing as our vacation was, it was so unbelievable good to get home! Harper was SO excited to be HOME!… she literally giggled as we put her to bed that night.  As much as we love CA and as much as it still feels like home, I was quickly reminded why we chose to move.  Just the unsettling in my heart – the mind set of needing more and wanting more – the battle of constant comparison to the person next to you everywhere you go.  Where as here in CO – our wonderful little life is way more than enough, and I was so blessed to be greeted by that feeling of, “ok, no THIS is HOME!”
Ok… here is the official vacation photo blast:
On the airplane, headed to CA!
Playing stickers with Great Grandpa T!
Her first In-N-Out!
Her favorite spot at the T’s… Daisy’s dog bed!
Apple picking at Riley’s Orchard (Oak Glen)
We had talked about picking apples and how they grow on trees for about a week! I don’t think she was too impressed at first, ha!
It was SO hot!! This little venture ended up to be a pretty comical family memory for our little family! Mama and her great ideas ;)
because this picture pretty much sums up our seemingly picture perfect orchard trip… ha! we all know, there’s usually stories and inside jokes and memories not seen in pictures ♥
the view was pretty unbeatable tho!
sometimes just have to step back and realize… man, we are blessed!
this is when we started having fun… the granny smith orchard!!! our favorite!
now this looks like the kind of apples I like! :)
cause some days you just want apple turnovers for lunch…
painting great grandma T’s sidewalk with water… the things you do when it is so stinking hot out!
Driving great grandpa T’s golf cart!
On the tram into Disneyland!
She was pretty excited and in awe!
our family ♥
she thought this was pretty neat!!
meeting Taiyo for the first time :)
I don’t think Taiyo really knew what to think of Harper, ha!
Meeting Pluto!
Needless to say, our child is NOT scared of dressed up characters, ha!
high fives for Pluto!
Tea Party with Daddy at Minnie’s house!
Aunt Dena bought her a balloon that mommy and daddy were way too cheap to fork over the $ for, ha!
Rob and his cousins on the tea cups, that I always refuse to go on with him… for good reason!
Waiting to meet Mickey!
so adorable!!!
so much fun!!!
sleeping on Auntie Ro on the tram back to the car…
Waking up at Rachelle’s!
Seriously… this is the view form our room’s balcony! So relaxing!
Painting at Aunt “Rachepelle’s” ♥
Getting ready to walk to the water for the first time!
I think she liked it…
swinging in the waves!
a much needed treat afterwards… which lead to a parking ticket. thanks Newport!
of course we had to go to our sushi place!
swimming at Aunt Rachepelle’s pool
the view from our cottage’s deck ♥
the view from our cottage’s kitchen!
the trader joe’s by our cottages had a “pete the pelican”… of course she found it!
my family ♥


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