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So as promised on my insta, I’m going to attempt to share some of our favorite gluten free and dairy free recipes that we discover along the way!
Rob has had pretty severe sinus issues for years… like since I met him – 11 years ago! Last year he had surgery and had to have a repeat again the end of September.  Something is obviously causing these issues.  We had tried gluten free in the past – but once he was tested for celiac, we decided to go back to gluten filled eating.
After his last surgery, he decided he was going to cut out dairy and gluten and see if it helped.  We are pretty sure it is the gluten that is bothering him, but dairy is a known irritant for sinus issues.  About 6 months back, we took Harper off diary milk.  She would have these random throwing up issues.  Like she’d throw up and be done. Every time I’d think she was getting sick and every time it would be a one time occurrence and no one else would get it.  My mommy gut told me it was the milk.  We took her off of it, started giving her almond milk (which she loves) and she has been great! So needless to say, we have been dairy sensitive for a while anyway.
Gluten free has been very easy for us!  There are so many great substitutes out there!  The dairy cheese has been a bit more of a challenge! So I’ve been on pinterest A LOT! looking for great recipes to help us in this transition!  What I’ve been doing is this – I either look for dairy free recipes and see how I can adapt them for gluten free or look for gluten free recipes that are cheese based that I can sub maybe almond milk in.  So far, so good!
Our favorite recipes from last week were a fried chicken and garlic mashed potato recipes.  Now that doesn’t sound gluten OR dairy free at all huh?! It didn’t even look like it!  And it even tasted like the real deal!  And… it really wasn’t that much work!
You can find the original recipes here:
I didn’t really change much on these recipes. I added just a smidge  of butter to the potatoes to make them a bit creamier. For the chicken, I just used out gf flour instead of the almond flour and tapioca starch. I also used evoo instead of coconut oil… We aren’t following a paleo diet, and even tho I love coconut oil, I feel like I can taste it a little.

All you gotta do is steam your favorite veggie and you have a fantastic dinner!!
We also did breakfast for dinner last week, which is a great option for gf and df! We had eggs, bacon, and pancakes!
I used this recipe: http://www.thisgalcooks.com/gluten-free-pancakes/ 
In which, I used almond milk instead of dairy milk and added some cinnamon :). They were super yummy!!
On the menu tonight – gf/df lettuce wraps!! Thanks to my mother in law :)
I’ll continue to share some of our favorites as our journey continues!
Happy eating!!

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