Oh my gosh, you guys!!! My sweet friend Kelly sent me over these pictures of our girls yesterday. I am tempted to plaster them everywhere because they are THAT precious!!!

Can I just say how marvelous it is to have such a good friend, so good that our daughters are also forming the cutest little friendship!! Kate use to call Harper “baby Harper” since she is a full two years older than her. But in the last couple of months it’s no longer “baby Harper” but just Harper. And now Harper calls Kate’s baby sister “baby Book”, (aka Brooke).  I mean come on. How precious time is. Some day I will tell you the story of how Kelly and I met. It’s kind of comical. Let’s just say God said, “you guys are gonna be in one another’s lives – one way or another!”

Enjoy these pictures of our adorably sweet girls!!!


Before too long there will be two more walking hand in hand… “Baby Brooke” and our next little. Just makes my heart smile.

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