{arizona dreaming chili}

so.  here we go with another recipe.  ok, so if those of you that know me – you know that I can cook.  My mama taught me well.  But.  I am not a fan of cooking.  Well, more than that, I’m not a fan of the mess and I quite frankly lack the patience.  That sounds so sad, I know, ha! Anyway.  With our recent diet changes and me being at home a lot more – the excuses were off the table.  Plus, it has been kind of fun to try new recipes and take on the challenge of making them gluten free and dairy free!
So.  all that to say. the fact that I’m now posting two recipe posts in a row is so laughable to me.  Like hysterical!
But anyway. Here goes.
If you have a Penzeys Spices and have never been – shame on you.  If you don’t have one, check them out online! They are just wonderful.  And they speak one of my love languages – FREE! ha!  If you sign up for their mailing list, they send you coupons for free spices – A LOT!

Well, their last magazine had a coupon and a few new recipes that I just had to try.  One was “Arizona Dreaming Chili”.  Named after their spice that’s used in it – Arizona dreaming.  I tracked it down online so you all could have it to :) You can find it here! Of course I altered it a bit… I can never just leave a recipe alone!
I didn’t use the diced tomatoes – we don’t like chunky tomatoes in anything!  And I also left out the sugar, because – well.  It seemed excessive!  I also added corn, which was a nice addition and added a little sweetness (probably made up for the lack of sugar).  Also, I cooked the meat in a skillet with Penzey’s roasted garlic seasoning and some onion, then threw it all in our slow cooker to simmer for a few hours.  So basically, I went the middle road.  I had more time than the stove top directions, but didn’t have 8 hours for it to all cook in the slow cooker.
It turned out so yummy that we had leftovers of it again last night!  I of course paired it with Fritos! You can’t have chili without Fritos! I had also picked up a gluten free cornbread mix to make with it, but we decided we didn’t need it (we weren’t that hungry).  But next time I will probably serve it with gf cornbread as well!
Give it a try!  If you don’t have Penzey’s, I’m sure you could use a taco seasoning and some red pepper flakes to give you a similar taste.  The arizona dreaming spice looked like it has a lot of different spices in it, but I’m thinking that would get you close.  It is a spicy dish, so fair warning!
Happy slurping ;)

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