{21 Months}

Our little princess, soon to be big sister, is 21 months old.  3 months from being TWO!!! How did my teeny-tiny little baby get so big?! ok… she’s still teeny, but she is so big!!!

She is so amazingly smart.  It is so fun to have full on conversations with her these days.  Harper is simply amazing!

People are often confused at how old she is… she’s so small yet is so smart and talks like someone older than her age.  It’s pretty trippy… Rob says it freaks him out sometimes, ha!
I’m also learning she is a lot smarter than I even give her credit for… I catch myself thinking in certain situations that she won’t understand whatever it is, but explain it to her anyway, only to find her fully comprehending what I just said.  This happens often when she’s being a stinker ;) ….which happens more often than not.

Basically, I’m not sure if any child has been more loved than we love this little one!  She remains our sunshine!… and really, this only increases as I see her being so sweet to my baby belly, giving “sister” kisses and putting her little hand on my little bump in hopes to feel baby sister.  She literally grabbed the heart monitor out of my doctor’s pocket this week and said… “SISTER!!!… I listen!” ha!  My doctor was amazed as she watched Harper turn it on and know how to use it.  She was in disbelief.  Yes we have one at home, but this one is hi-tech!! And worth more than we make in a month hahaha!…. oh our girl!
I see more and more of myself in her daily! She is stubborn but so tender hearted! Is basically obsessed with animals, boots, the color purple, her daddy, almond milk, all her stuffed animals (ALLLL of them!!).  She LOVES her cousins Blakely and Levi.  And talks about them constantly when we aren’t all together.
She can do pretty much anything she sets her mind to.  I see her frustrations in things that are harder for her and her temptations to give up if she isn’t good at it.  I’m trying so hard to encourage her to keep trying, that she can do it (again, her mama’s personality!).
I find myself trying to guide her in not having the same flaws as myself… i.e., not showing her how to be fearful, encouraging her to do whatever she wants.  If she grows up and is scared of snakes, it will be because SHE is scared of snakes, not because I instilled that fear in her.  I sat out early on to not let my fears be hers.  This broken world we live in does that enough for us as it is…
Newest developments:
  • She can almost count to ten with our help.  She likes to skip from four to six… we are almost there.
  • She is getting her colors down pat.  Her favorites are blue and purple.
  • She points out circles… A LOT!!  We are trying to move on to different shapes, but circles are definitely her favorite.
  • She loves singing songs!  Let it Go is a favorite as well as Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  • Teeth wise she has all her age appropriate teeth with the exception of her canine-pointy teeth.  I’m dreading those for her, as I’ve heard they are painful.  Her molars seemed to not be too bad for her… we shall see about the 2 year ones when that time hits.
  • She can draw H’s (probably one of the easiest letters of the alphabet) and she thinks it is the greatest… H mommy see!!! “huh-huh-huh”!
  • She also attempts to draw circles which end up looking more like ovals – that is if the ends of the circle meet.
I try to keep her challenged!  She loves to draw and do art as well as play with playdough.  She loves cutting the playdough with a plastic knife.  Basically she loves doing anything that makes her feel like a big girl – I’m hoping that works to our advantage as we dive in to potty training soon.

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