{19 weeks…}

ok.  this pregnancy is flying by.  if you ask my hubby, he feels like its going slow, ha! probably because my whole first trimester I was a BEAR!!! My first trimester did feel like it took FOREVER… but now that I’ve been feeling better, it is flying by!

We had a 19week appointment yesterday.  Everything was great!  Baby girl’s heartbeat was strong and the doctor could even hear her doing flips… sounds like we have another active one on our hands!  I was so happy to hear that because, while I started feeling full on kicks from Harper pretty early, this little one has been a little quieter.  My doctor thinks that my placenta must be upfront.  She encouraged me not to compare pregnancies, but to get use to what is “normal” for this one.  Easier said than done… am I right mamas?!  Since we already know the gender, we decided to push the ultrasound out to our next appointment.  As excited as I am to see our baby on that big screen, the farther we push it out, the shorter the time will be between the ultrasound and actually meeting her.
I’ll try to get a bump picture up soon… man.  I’ve been awful at taking those this time around!

How Far Along: I am 19weeks today!
Baby is the Size of a: According to my what to expect app… the baby is the size of a tomato!  And my uterus is the size of a cantaloupe!  Craziness! Even though this isn’t our first, this all still amazes me!
Symptoms: the nausea is gone.  Thank God!!! My sciatic issues were improving until this week.  Tuesday night I thought I was going to die.  I couldn’t move.  But my doctor said that is common, the baby was probably in a position that was just pinching that nerve.  but man!  then I’ve woken up with major charlie horses lately… probably means I’m not getting enough water.  Which makes sense since my food aversions are pretty much all gone.  Coffee is back, but I’m trying to use being off of it for so long to my advantage.  My body is use to not having it now, so I just drink it occasionally.
A GIRL!!! We are SO excited!!!  Granted, now our set in stone – “we are only having two kids” has now turned into… eh, we’ll see. ha!  mostly, to try for a boy… but I have a feeling our family is going to feel complete once this little is born.  Rob is totally happy having all girls.  He’s the best!!! He just adores… ADORES!!!, Harper, so I know this next little will be just the same.  And let’s be honest.  It makes life easier.  We don’t need anything… NOTHING.  We might splurge for a double stroller eventually and I might grab a moby wrap from one of my mom sights, but that is seriously it.
And nursery wise.  We are going to try to keep big changes at a minimum for Harper until months after the baby is born.  Since they will be sharing a room, we will wait to move the baby in there until we are past the cosleeping/room sharing stage.  Her clothes/diapers will be in there and that is about it.  I’m hoping to keep things as “normal” as possible for H.  But I am excited to add some fun decorations to their room eventually – replicating a few pieces I made for Harper.

Big Sister:

Oh she is getting more and more excited about this big sister thing!  She has started calling the baby in mommy’s tummy “sister” and it melts my heart every time… like in to puddles!  We keep saying we are going to hit potty training hard… but we just aren’t there yet.
Name Game:  Ugh.  can I get another… UGH! ha!  So, I’m that mama that God lays on my heart the name of my child and I’m set!  I’ve had this child named since before she was even conceived.  But my hubby.  He’s the easy going, patient, laid back type.  Which I typically LOVE in most situations.. .   but this.  IT. IS. DRIVING. ME. CRAZY!!!! He did the same thing with Harper.  He has to mull it over for a bit.  Which I get.  But… I WANT TO START CALLING HER BY HER NAME!! ha!  So it might change.  to what I don’t know.  but we will see…. we’ve thrown around some H names… Hadley, Hayden, Haven, Haleigh… But none of them seem right. I like them mostly because they sound cute with Harper.  but we will see. I’m still holding out for my #1 pick, which I’ll keep under my hat.  hopefully we have something in the next 20 weeks ;)

Looking Forward to: 
 honestly.  Harper meeting her baby sister!!!! I’ve been reading up on the best way to do the introductions… there’s a lot of research out there!  i.e – to not be holding the baby when Harper comes in the hospital room.  That Rob and I introduce them together… the baby being in the basinet, etc.  Who knew… thank you pinterest ;)

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