{remember when…}

remember when….

we thought we knew what love was. …  5 years ago today.

since then, we’ve broken one another’s hearts too many times to count.  we’ve picked up the pieces of one another’s hearts over and over – whether it was our own doing or broken because of something else.  we’ve cried.  we’ve struggled.

oh, but how we’ve laughed. the joy we have brought one another. the happiness. and the love. the unconditional love very much conditional love, in which we try to love one another as Christ loves us.  loving the other regardless of those conditions and many times completely in spite of those conditions. 

you are my best friend.  and I mean that whole heartedly.  many say that about their significant other.  but I mean it.  you’re the best.  I take out my worst days on you, and yet you’re there to hug me and smile with me.  You, my husband, are my rock.

I love that we get this awesome blessing to grow old with one another, raising children, and learning how to be adults along side one another.
Quite simply.  You, my husband, are my heart.  And the words “I love you” just don’t seem like enough, but I do.  I love you every second of every day! ♥

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