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so this happened this past week....
We announced to the social media world that we are expecting our next little T!!! 
We are so very excited!!! 

Harper is going to be just THE BEST big sister!!! She has been swaddling her monkey and cabbage patch baby for a few weeks now. It's like some how she knows. Haha. We talk to her about it and about baby sister or brother in mommy's tummy... But come on, while she is super smart, she's only 19months old! 
It's been so much harder to keep this secret this time!!! God's timing just couldn't be better and it makes me want to shout it from the roof tops!!   
& man. When we set the word GROWTH as our vision for 2015. Gosh. It brings tears to my eyes. Like right now, I'm crying. Ha! I'm just so thankful. We've been through some tough stuff this year, the year isn't over yet. But through all of it and despite all of it God has blessed us so abundantly!! 
God's timing through all of these changes as of late is just amazing. AMAZING!! 
I plan on posting details on how, when, etc we found out. But for now, let's go with my first update!!!! 

our little one at almost 9weeks❤️
 How Far Along: almost 11 weeks! My weeks change on Thursdays (we think...). 
Baby is the Size of a: prune. ... My bump has started already. It's ridiculous. It's tiny, but it's there! My body definitely recognizes what's happening!!! Which is pretty cool! 
Symptoms: everything. Lol. You name it, Ive had it going on. Such a different pregnancy than with Harper!! And add chasing a crazy monkey around. Whew!! Thankful for an amazing husband!!!!!! He has SERIOUSLY stepped up!! I don't know how many times a week I look at him and say either, "I'm gonna throw up - take Harper." Or "my back is killing me, I can't move" to which he replies, Harper lets go down stairs and play, mommy needs to rest! I know he doesn't 100% get it - but he's sure trying!! Poor guy! I mean, now that I'm staying home with Harper - I'm suppose to have more time with her right?! Lately, there's been lots of cuddling in bed and shows and books!! I need to step it up!!  Again. Soo much different than Harper!!! So much so we were seriously wondering if I was pregnant with twins!! My dr checked extra well even haha. 
Fatigue. It's never ending. No motivation for anything. NONE. 
Aversions/Nausea. All day long. Can't stomach coffee. Or Asian food. Not even the smells. Eggs. The smell. Ugh. But I'm hungry for eggs constantly. As long as they aren't fixed in our kitchen ha! 
We will actually find out in about a month. Since I will be 35 for just a couple months of this pregnancy, our insurance will cover advanced DNA testing - during which they will pull the baby's DNA from a sample of my blood!! How cool is that?! 
Rob is convinced this baby is a boy! & I really am leaning that way! If it's a girl we will have EVERYTHING we would need, which would be nice. And Harper and a sister only being 2 years apart would be so much fun!! But. In my heart, I want Rob to have his boy!! Unless God has other plans, this will be our last - so we will be overjoyed with either!!! I can't wait to pick a name!! If it is a girl, I'm pretty convinced on the name (I'll just have to convince Rob) and we've had a boys name picked out for awhile - like years! But you know how it goes, we might change our minds. 

Big Sister:

Harper, like I said above, doesn't really get it yet. I'm sure she will as my belly grows ❤️ she does know what my Doppler does though, and will bring it to me and say "baby?!" "Heart!!!"  ... It's adorable!!

Looking Forward to: 
 feeling the baby move!! That was my absolute favorite part of pregnancy with H!!! And getting my energy back - basically for the first trimester to be over. But I'm really cautioning myself. If this is my last pregnancy, I want to savor it all!!! ❤️

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