{more of our journey as of late....}

Rob and I, quite a few months ago, started talking about me quitting my job and staying home with Harper.  We decided it would definitely be a leap of faith financially. We prayed. We discussed. We prayed some more. 
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a mama – more specifically a stay at home mama.  After having 9weeks off for my maternity leave with Harper, I learned a lot about myself. I learned, if given the opportunity, with no set schedule, I was likely to do nothing – but cuddle my little – all day long. My perfect day consisted of my baby girl and I, in our pjs, all day… With HGTV. I quickly learned I needed some type of structure. The domestic stuff doesn’t come easy to me – or I should say naturally. Honestly. I’d just rather not lol. 
But. Still at the end of the day, God had placed this desire in my heart to stay home with Harper. 
So as Rob and I talked, I let him know my ultimate desire would be to stay home but to do something close to home that I loved, just a few hours a week – something super flexible. So we continued to pray. Our close friends prayed. And we waited. After all, I wasn’t unhappy at my job. They were so great – & it wasn’t like I was working 40hrs there. I just wanted something closer and even more part time. So we’d wait. 
Then my current opportunity presented itself. Less than a mile from home. Working just a few hours a week (they actually asked ME how much I’d want to work… Really?!), with a church!!! 
It really stopped me in my tracks. Could God really answer our prayers so exactly?! 
Honestly. And I’m so ashamed. I was skeptical. People kept asking me if I was excited. I honestly wasn’t letting myself get excited. I am so ashamed to say, I was leery. I don’t think I’d ever had God answer a prayer so quickly and so completely. I had a hard time believing it was for real. 
But, after my first week there- this morning as we stood worshipping in our new church with our new church family, after dropping H off in her class that she loves without a tear – it finally all hit me. How clearly God has given us exactly what was on our hearts – down to the desired distance from our home!! And I stood amazed. 
So far (last week) I’ve loved having so much time with Harper!!! My favorite things so far – when she says “cuddles?!” … Meaning mommy lets cuddle and take a nap! I mean. Come on. Adult/baby nap time?! Sigh. How the upcoming presence of Monday looming is gone. Any take home stress is gone. Oh and park days with H and Rob!!! Or actually shopping/lunch together during the day!! I’m loving it all!!! ❤️

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