there is honestly SO much going on right now!! i’m not ready to share or able to share all of it yet… mostly because it’s all unknown or “pending”… but i do want to document life in the now, right now! our heads are spinning, we are meeting one another coming and going… life is, well, its awesome but down right crazy right now!
we are (or have been) currently….
celebrating!!!… rob’s birthday was yesterday!  sunday afternoon we celebrated with friends and family!! it was such a great time!
Harper was certain everyone was singing for her and that the candles were also for her. She got the biggest smile on her face. It was priceless!!!
we’ve been fighting off a couple bugs, which leads me to….
disinfecting!! harper started out the week last week with a little head cold, and it has just lingered and lingered!! in fact, we didn’t even make it to church sunday because of it! there was no way we wanted to share her germs with any of her friends in her class! & to top it all off, she threw up on her grandma TWICE yesterday! i’m fairly certain the drainage from her cold is to blame – back to back occurrences – and no other symptoms.  she was ready to stuff away some food after her nap and all evening. but ew! bugs go away please! leave my baby alone!!!
holding on for the ride! i posted recently about putting in my two weeks notice (almost two weeks ago)… gasp!!! i officially have two days left! i will blog soon about what life will look like after this change – honestly right now, i’m not even sure what life is going to look like… so we are both in for a treat ;)
tomorrow starts the goodbye celebrations… tomorrow night after work, then thursday lunch at work.  sigh…
we also started a new church a few weeks ago! we are pretty excited!! more details to come on that soon! spoiler alert… it goes hand in hand with my two weeks notice!
planning…we are almost exactly two months away from the last vacation of ours for the summer! in october we will head to CA! we are pretty excited… the planning includes disneyland, staying with friends & family, beach cottages,… oh so exciting!!!

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