{Harper at 18 Months}

I’m not quite sure how my teeny-tiny baby is now 18months. She pretty much encompasses the definition of toddler! At 18 months she is…
  • Climbing (on everything)
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Saying sooo many animal noises!!
  • counting to three… Or more depending on the day ;)
  • saying her own name.
  • “Reads” her books to herself.
  • Sits on her potty… Still in diapers tho.
  • Using a fork like a pro!
  • Learning her colors and shapes! … She’s got “circle” and “purple” down of course ;)
  • OBSESSED with books!!!, her “blank”, owls, and of course jewelry and shoes ❤️     
She is so smart!!! I consider it such a priveledge to be her mama and to get to help her learn so many things daily!! She has the largest vocabulary!! She is truly amazing!!!

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