{changes are a comin'}

in all shapes and sizes!
last week, i walked myself into the owner of our company’s office…. plopped myself down (tearfully) in his chair, as he handed me a tissue, i handed him my two weeks notice.  whew. makes me tear up even typing it.
it was so hard.  i love this company. i’ve been here since we moved to the springs in 2012.  they have given me opportunity for growth – opportunity to make good money – opportunity to have a lengthy maternity leave when i was pregnant with harper – opportunity to shorten my work hours to be at home with my baby. and here i was – telling them i was done. this was in no way an easy decision.  but – as a mama and a wife, i KNOW this is what is best for my family.  we have been praying over this for some time. and well. it was time.
so, needless to say.  please sit tight while i might not be blogging as much, as we work through this transition.  i will blog more soon about what the next chapter looks like as this one closes… but honestly, my heart isn’t quite there right now.  right now, i’m busy tying up a lot of lose ends, making sure my back up which will now be my replacement, is ready to rock it – making sure that i’m doing all i can to walk away from this job knowing i’ve done everything i can.  everyone keeps asking me… “aren’t you so excited???”  i am. i truly i am. after all, this is all i’ve ever wanted! i just haven’t let myself get there yet.  there’s a lot to tie up, a lot to accomplish and only a week to do it in! if you think of it… i definitely would appreciate your prayers! my last day is the 6th. it’s coming fast! ♥

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