{Harper at 18 Months}

I’m not quite sure how my teeny-tiny baby is now 18months. She pretty much encompasses the definition of toddler! At 18 months she is…
  • Climbing (on everything)
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Saying sooo many animal noises!!
  • counting to three… Or more depending on the day ;)
  • saying her own name.
  • “Reads” her books to herself.
  • Sits on her potty… Still in diapers tho.
  • Using a fork like a pro!
  • Learning her colors and shapes! … She’s got “circle” and “purple” down of course ;)
  • OBSESSED with books!!!, her “blank”, owls, and of course jewelry and shoes ❤️     
She is so smart!!! I consider it such a priveledge to be her mama and to get to help her learn so many things daily!! She has the largest vocabulary!! She is truly amazing!!!


{changes are a comin'}

in all shapes and sizes!
last week, i walked myself into the owner of our company’s office…. plopped myself down (tearfully) in his chair, as he handed me a tissue, i handed him my two weeks notice.  whew. makes me tear up even typing it.
it was so hard.  i love this company. i’ve been here since we moved to the springs in 2012.  they have given me opportunity for growth – opportunity to make good money – opportunity to have a lengthy maternity leave when i was pregnant with harper – opportunity to shorten my work hours to be at home with my baby. and here i was – telling them i was done. this was in no way an easy decision.  but – as a mama and a wife, i KNOW this is what is best for my family.  we have been praying over this for some time. and well. it was time.
so, needless to say.  please sit tight while i might not be blogging as much, as we work through this transition.  i will blog more soon about what the next chapter looks like as this one closes… but honestly, my heart isn’t quite there right now.  right now, i’m busy tying up a lot of lose ends, making sure my back up which will now be my replacement, is ready to rock it – making sure that i’m doing all i can to walk away from this job knowing i’ve done everything i can.  everyone keeps asking me… “aren’t you so excited???”  i am. i truly i am. after all, this is all i’ve ever wanted! i just haven’t let myself get there yet.  there’s a lot to tie up, a lot to accomplish and only a week to do it in! if you think of it… i definitely would appreciate your prayers! my last day is the 6th. it’s coming fast! ♥



what a fabulous week we’ve had!! i honestly feel, for as much heartache we’ve had this past month, God has been blessing our little family immensely… with just pure happiness ♥
this past week we took off work and had somewhat of a “staycation”.  …. we stayed local, and just enjoyed being together!
tuesday, we headed to denver – stopping at our favorite restaurant (benihana’s) for lunch, then went to check in to our hotel! it was raining out, but we still threw our swimsuits on and headed into the pool.  i lasted a whole 2 seconds.  harper lasted maybe a minute. haha. so we spent the rest of the afternoon in the (not so) hottub! it was great and our little fish loved it!
we  then threw on our angel baseball gear and headed out the Coor’s Field! we were a little worried that the weather wouldn’t cooperate – but it was clear skies all evening! the walk to the park was amazing – and the game… well, we couldn’t ask for a better blow out! 10-2! we got to see 4 homeruns… one of them being fromPujols in the first inning! if you know anything about baseball, you know he is toward the top of the line up… so it started the game off amazingly! harper LOVED it!!! not only was it her first mlb game, but it was also her first angel game! she loved all the high fives, clapping, and fun music! Jack and Kathy, as well as our cousin Rachel and her friend also met us there.  it was a great night! 
that next morning we headed out the the cutest little breakfast place… we already want to go back, ha! and did some shopping, then hit up the outlet malls on our way back to the springs.
 we stopped very quickly by our house to unpack and repack. this time we needed a suitcase for rob and i and one for harper by herself… she was heading to her first sleep over at her grandparents!!! …. also meaning rob and i were on our own for the FIRST TIME since she was born!! i won’t pretend that i didn’t get a little emotional pulling out of my in-law’s drive way, haha! but we still had a lot of fun ahead of us! we headed to Old
Colorado City, and checked in to the CUTEST B&B! we LOVED our room (complete with our own private outdoor hottub!), we loved the inn keepers, we loved the other guests! it was a great first night away from our little!
friday, harper and i headed out to meet one of my dear friends and her little for coffee.  it was a great morning!!! the rest of the week/weekend was set for organizing and cleaning, and relaxing.  well.  friday afternoon, harper and i were out and about running errands and one of the moments i had been fearing forever as a mom happened.  harper threw up. in the car. like what seemed 2 5gallon buckets full.  all over her. all over her carseat. all over the car! i just stood staring in disbelief, while bless her heart – she was FREAKING out! two days later we have a girl who is completely fine – was a total fluke – maybe car sick? maybe her molars? who knows??? and a car seat that needs to be reassembled! i was SO thankful to be in the car with leather seats… it was SUCH an easy clean up – minus getting her carseat disassembled – really, they should make that a lot easier! so, she has just been in a funk until today.  yesterday she just wanted to lay around all day and was super needy.  today – she’s back to her spit-fire self! i can’t wait to do an 18month update on her here soon… she is growing and learning SO much!!! she is such a little smarty pants with the craziest vocabulary… it freaks us out sometimes, HA!
but all that to say… we’ve had a fantastic past week!!! and feel so blessed to have had some extra quality time together as a family!!! … & just in case you’re keeping track… 2 out of our 3 vaca’s are complete!!! seems unreal! where is summer going??? our next one is in October and we are heading “home”… back to where it all began… Orange County! we will stay with Rob’s grandparents for a couple nights, one of my best friends for a couple nights, hopefully another good friends’ for a night, then we will spend the remainder of the trip at our beach cottage!!! i am just a littttle excited! excited to see family and friends that we haven’t seen in way too long, and also excited to introduce Harper to one of my great loves – the west coast! hopefully Rob will get me to come back to CO with him, HA!
have a great week friends!!!


{our fourth of July weekend}

oh goodness. what a fun weekend. i’m exhausted. but it was a fabulous weekend with friends and family! i figured i better go ahead and catch up the blog pictures wise, at least – this week is cram packed with fun!!!
we started the celebrations on thursday night – heading out to celebrate my father-in-law’s AND my mother-in-law’s birthdays! we all went out to this fabulous little (completely!!!) gluten free restaurant.  it is SOOO yummy!!! we made it in time for happy hour – then came the live music – then the dancing (by the kiddos)! it was a great time! after dinner we walked around down town, stopped at the little park for the kids to play, and just enjoyed the evening.  great memories made ♥
Blakely, serenading the whole restaurant. It was awesome!!!
the group… minus Harper. She was throwing a fit and was in trouble, so she couldn’t leave her high chair, ha! i swear, molars… who’s great idea were they?!
our tiny dancers. to say they were the hit of the restaurant would be an understatement ♥
p.s…. my hubby understands my obsession with chucks… he got me a red pair for the fourth, ha!
friday, we took it easy, then all headed to church together.  it was a great message. a great time as a family.  saturday, we woke up bright and early – harper slept like a ROCK all night but was WIDE awake at 6am, ready to party! we got our patriotic outfits on and headed out – to some of our dear friends’ home for pancake breakfast.  what a great way to start the morning – pancakes with friends – before diving in to all the family celebrations!
 we went home for a 3hour nap time, then to “ama’s and ampa’s” for their huge barb-q! what a great time! we decided to cut out a bit early, around 8:30 and head home.  once we got home our neighbors were all out shooting fireworks and yelled at us as we pulled up… so we ended up there the rest of the night, visiting, watching the fireworks.  it was a great day!!