{words from the husband}

saw the cutest thing on one of my friends blogs the other day!! See it here! She asked her hubby some questions about herself! So I’m totally copying her!! 
Now granted, 90% of the answers he gave I responded with: “Robert! I can’t blog that!!!!” Haha. My hubby has his mind in the gutter a lot ;) but I love it – he loves me well!! So here are his somewhat-first-responses ❤️ & some of them left me saying “aww!!”  Love this man! 
1. What is something your wife always says to you? 
I love you 
2. What makes her happy? 
Me & Harper 
3. What makes her sad? 
Dogs dying in movies. 
4. How does she make you laugh? 
Being a weirdo. 
5. What was she like as a child? 
Sweet & adventurous 
6. How old is she? 
7. How tall is she? 
5’2 1/2 
8. What is her favorite thing to do? 
Cuddle and watch TV
9. What does she do when you’re not around? 
Take care of Harper. 
10. If she becomes famous, what will it be for? 
Writing a book. 
11. What is she really good at? 
12. What is she not very good at?
13. What does she do for a job? 
Mom & sales 
14. What is her favorite food? 
15. What makes you proud of her? 
How she balances working & being an amazing mom! 
16. What do you and her do together? 
go on dates 
17. How are you and her the same? 
We both think we are always right  
18. How are you and her different? 
I am more social and outgoing. 
19. How do you know she loves you? 
Even though I annoy her I’m still her favorite person. 
20. What does she like most about you?
My humor. 
21. What is her favorite place to go? 

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