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Harper’s verbal development has been right on schedule or beyond. She talks up a storm and learns new words daily. We look at her numerous times a day and think, man! She’s so stinkin’ smart!!! 
Enter early childhood major lol!! 
But that being said, it still brings her a lot of frustration! We hadn’t really needed to start baby signing with her since she started talking so early – but we still incorporated them. I was hesitant. Her verbal development is there … So I didn’t want to stunt that in any way. But, we were finding even though her verbal skills were/are there, cognitively she just wasn’t ready for what that meant. 
For example, you know those labeled “terrible two fits” everyone loves? Whelp. Those are mostly because the child knows what they want to say but can’t quite relay that to an adult. Imagine how frustrating that is!!! We started seeing a bit of this with Harper.  She would demand something, let’s say a toy. We would encourage her to say please – letting her know that they way she was asking is not ok. She would then become frustrated – even though on her own would use please and thank you quite often! So…. Baby signing took the stage! It has helped so much. Really the only signs she uses are please, all done, more, and food. (Pretty poignant to where her frustration lies haha). 
Last night I started encouraging her in the other direction now. I don’t want her to get too dependent on the signing. She was signing please for something and I asked her to use her words to ask me, because after all, the words were there before the signing! Sure enough, she understood and whipped out ” peaaaasss!!!”  – so needless to say, I think we are swinging the other way with please. I’m fully prepared to incorporate more signs however as she grows. Toddler development frustrations are seriously mostly centered around communication. I’m hoping we can make her 1 1/2-2’s not so terrible after all!! 
There are a ton of baby signing resources out there! My first suggestions – Pinterest & the library!

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