{let's stop apologizing...}

trends in social media intrigue me! one minute everyone is publishing their highlight reel, showing their good side only.  the next we find our selves apologizing for the amazing lives we’ve been blessed with!
i challenge you.  stop apologizing for your blessings!
sure. aren’t we all glad that there are “crop” features on instagram… and ultimately a “crop” feature in our lives.  we don’t have to show the world that right before that adorable family selfie was taken, you and your husband were being super snarky.  we don’t have to show the world that the reason you are having a fun filled day out side with your kiddos is because the house is a disaster and you just can’t find the motivation to clean it.
and that’s ok.  because what we do see in those pictures or in the blog posts is also real.  so, i say – stop apologizing for your blessings!  let’s be proud of our beautiful children/families! let’s be proud of that smile your husband puts on your face!… even if 5 minutes prior you wanted to rip his head off… can i get an Amen?! ha! that’s the beauty of marriage, isn’t it?! we drive one another insane sometimes, but who could ever love one another more?!
let’s be authentic, but let’s be authentic in our walk with Christ… instead of striving to wear our “authenticity” on our sleeve – let’s wear our relationship and walk with Christ on our sleeves!  we can be REAL – but let’s not apologize for it!
can’t we find a happy medium between only sharing the rose colored memories and apologizing for being so blessed? let’s share the good! let’s share the challenging! let’s share the down right impossible without God times… because after all – you never know when your happy is going to brighten someone’s day or when you are actually walking along side someone on the very same bumpy road and how nice it would be for both of you if you knew you could be walking hand in hand!  it’s hard. trust me i know. i’m still attempting to find the courage to share something that we’ve been dealing with in the shadows… I thank God for our dear friends who have stood with their candles with us in the dark.  so, i’m sure you will see a very real post from me soon! i’m just not quite there yet….
along with this, let’s remember – when we do see those wonderful moments, don’t let it diminish your own wonderful moments!  i also challenge you to not let others blessings cause you to lose sight of your own… they might look different, but none the less – you are blessed my friend!
“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” -Marcus Aurelius

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