{one of those…}

I had one of those moments today, where all of a sudden I realized I was that mom. & let me stop there by saying, this isn’t a bad thing…. If anything, it’s good. I’m learning to let go and be ok with less than what I see as perfection. And I have my sweet daughter (& God) to thank for this growth. 
But anyway. I had one of those out of body experiences. You know, the ones where you feel as if you see yourself from above or from someone else’s eyes?!
And there I was. After traveling all week, sick, exhausted and somehow (thanks to my hubby) found myself standing in the Apple Store getting a replacement phone for the one that decided to crack AND not work, all at the same time apparently (thank YOU apple care!)… On vacation of course. Anyway. Thanks to my hubby, we got our tired, worn out selves there, where I proceeded to look down and see who knows what kind of slime stuck to the plastic parts of our stroller, teddy grams thrown a sunder – miraculously stuck to not even the slimie area but another area. The biggest part of me wanted to grab the nearest Clorox wipe and go to town. But did I mention I am sick AND tired?! Ha! So I looked down at my dirty faced child (huh, the slime got her too) and saw a smile of content. The apple genius didn’t seem to be judging me. The mom toting around her three year old screaming sure wasn’t judging me. And it hit me. Who cares! Just this once, I’ll let the sticky stay sticky and the Bears stay along for the ride. Instead of the time & energy   it would’ve taken to clean it all…. We went and bought a fish instead! Tonight I was the fun mom! #winning

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