{to love change}


this will be my last week blogging here with blogger/blogspot! 
i'm a little sad, mostly because blogger is SO user friendly...
it's like switching from an iphone to an android, HA! 
but, it needs to be done.  
for privacy reasons, you will be able to find us over at wordpress in a few weeks.

i'd like to continue blogging from here until Harper's arrival, but considering that's all up to her...
i figured my 37th/38th week would be a good ending/starting point. 

i'm so excited to start a new blog... fresh and clean, and i love beginnings! this will allow me to publicly share things, much like i've been doing here... our happenings, ramblings, life, marriage, recipes, diy crafts, etc.  it will also allow me to share things privately, with just family and friends... mostly Harper. 
i would prefer it to be her decision, if and when, she wants all of her information, pictures,etc shared with the world. it's so creepy all the pictures of us that are floating about on any search engine.  i refuse to have my baby girl a result of a google search by some creep! i considered no more blogging... but i truly love it. it is such a great outlet. & i love sharing my daily life with our friends and family near and far!

so, if you happen upon our wordpress page, it is still under MAJOR construction... you can still find us here for the next week or so. 

in other words... you've been warned ;) change is coming! ♥ isn't it great?! keep an eye out for our new blog address! 

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