the christmas blur, 34weeks, NYE, and just flat out anticipation!!!

so the question... "how was your christmas"?.... my answer... a BLUR!

rob and i both were sicker than sick. his flu started on sunday and mine was in full swing by tuesday! we spent the whole week of christmas in bed... i then labeled it the "death flu". it was seriously awful. thankfully, our family loves us... germs and all.  we still got to celebrate christmas eve at my in-laws with a yummy sit down, family dinner of tamales... wow did they ever hit the spot!!! & then my mother-in-law started the present giving early with a scavenger hunt for our gifts from them... so fun!! christmas morning we woke up and had our own little family christmas together, rob, lilly, & i.  it was the first time i've EVER celebrated christmas on christmas morning in my own home with my own little family.... & i loved it! we did stockings, opened our gifts to one another (even though we didn't get each other anything HA! good thing we've neither one learned to believe that anymore!), and the gifts my family had sent us. then we stayed in our pj's and headed over to matt & leah's for breakfast and family gifts... holy moley... we were swimming in presents on our little couch by the end of it all! between amazing gifts for us and for harper... we had quite the car load! we had one more christmas dinner to go to that night, but sadly didn't make it... we were spent.  we went home and slept until saturday, lol. i kid you not. sunday we put real clothes on and joined the world of the living, kind of... for a few hours anyway.
the beginning of this week was also a little bit of a blur.... we worked for a day and then enjoyed new years eve and new years day together.  new years eve we celebrated a night out with rob's favorite coworkers... yep, me, almost 9 months pregnant in my black dress and 5 inch heals, ha! but we had a great time... yummy food, great company, and tons of laughs and dancing! we slept in yesterday and then rob took me to breakfast... love days like that!!! then we headed over to matt & leah's for the nebraska bowl game and some family time ♥ wrapped up the day with a spontaneous date together... then spent the rest of the afternoon like we started the holiday weeks... resting in bed and just being lazy together... my favorite!!! ♥

we are truly blessed!! 2013 had so many high points and i just know 2014 is going to be even better, as we get to meet our sweet Harper and add to the love in our family!

at 34 1/2 weeks, time seems to be flying by and i can't seem to slow it down, even if i wanted to.  apparently, old wives tale or not... babies seem to be born early in the rockies... many say it's due to the altitude.  so i'm trying to prepare for that! we were talking yesterday about all the little things we need to get done.  i'd also like to have a house cleaner come in and clean our home from top to bottom WELL, before she gets here.  i so need to make a list! ha! i still haven't packed my hospital bag... rob keeps reminding me.  sigh. i think i feel bigger and bigger each day... i've really, truly loved being pregnant and i'm blessed that it's been a smooth & easy almost 9 months.  but. i'm sooo ready to have our little gal here and to have my old body back.  i'm getting so tired of maternity clothes!!! and i'm getting even more tired of the "you're so big, but so tiny" comments... and the fact that no matter how hard i try, the waddle is here to stay! i find myself getting a little anxious for the unknown.  this whole time i've done pretty well with curbing the fear/anxiety of becoming a new parent/delivery. but, as it gets closer i think it's the unknown that's starting to get to me. i can understand now why women schedule their deliveries! i wish i could plan when i'm going to stop working, how long i will labor at home, and when we will be heading to the hospital... ideally, in a perfect world, i would come to work on a friday and go into labor on a saturday... labor at home for as long as possible and then head to the hospital.  but, i know things never quite go as planned! just ask my dear friend who planned a nice relaxing home birth a couple months ago and her sweet little man decided he was going to enter this world at warp speed... labor and delivery a whole whopping 45 min! i'd appreciate a quick delivery, but that's a bit fast, haha! honestly, i'm not too scared of the pain or the needles, etc... i have a pretty high pain tolerance.  i just want her to be here, get here safely and healthy, and be settled already! i had a dream last night that she was already here... let's just say i didn't want to wake up :)

enjoy the photo blast of our last 2 weeks (a little sparse... since we both felt like death and didn't feel like taking many pics)....

gift basket from the Harrisons ♥

christmas puppy!

she loves her stocking, and pulling out her stocking stuffers... she's a mess!

Harper's first official Christmas present from her Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in Arkansas!

and... an ADORABLE outfit!!! 

Christmas at Matt & Leah's

Papa helping Levi put together his present from us!

lilly's friend molly came over for a sleep over last weekend ♥

just keep getting rounder... hahaha

NYE compilation ;) 

New Year's Day Family time!

New Year's Day Family time!

our hibachi chef made Harper a 2014 and kept driving home the point that we have to let her
know that she was born the year of the horse... ♥ what can i say... this girl is even
loved by complete strangers!! 

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