so long holidays....

we said so long to the holidays this weekend, as we took the ornaments off the tree, packed everything up and rob hauled it back into storage...to sit and wait until next year! i honestly, already, cannot wait until Christmas next year!!! we will have a 10 1/2 month old at that time... how amazing is that?! i can't think of anything better than sharing my love of Christmas with my daughter!

i usually get so sad when the holidays are over, but this year... i'm not. for one, we have something so exciting coming up, and secondly, let's face it the holidays were a bit of a drag for us this year.  ugh. but as we get back in to the normal routine, i have to admit i'm a bit of a grump! i actually said last night, "ugh, i have to work 5 days in a row?!". HA! how quickly one is spoiled! Christmas week i worked one day... last week i worked 3 days... so spoiled! so it makes 5 seem so long and the weekend seem so far away!!!

this past weekend we woke up to tons of snow on the ground! we had plans to head out and run errands and just make a day of getting things done and hanging out together.... well, that turned into staying in, cuddling in our warm bed, and watching tv/movies all day! we left the house to go to the market for snacks and stuff to make chili, but that was it! then it was back home to hibernate! it was truly one of those lovely, lovely days!!! at one point, rob and i sat cuddled on the couch in front of the fireplace, listening to music, and watching the snow fall (dump)... it was one of those moments i wanted to bottle up and save it for later! we were listening to a wide variety of music, and as a song came on that catapulted me straight back to 2006 i sat there in amazement.  it was a song that he and i use to drive around to and laugh and sing (rap our best, lol) and just be goofy to... i sat there thinking, if we only could have seen where we'd be 8 years down the road... we went from a couple of free spirits, probably up to no good - he basically annoyed the heck out of me (ok, that hasn't changed)... no interest in falling in love, let alone with one another... flash forward 8 years, there we were - over 3 years of marriage under our belt, in our cozy wonderful home, expecting our first baby! God is so Amazing!!! ♥

yesterday we reluctantly joined the real world... headed out to babies r us to finish up some last minute shopping for Harper.  she didn't really need much more... a couple of changing pad covers, mattress pad covers (i'm adamant that she will at least nap in her crib early on... i'm all about making transitions easier!), & a few more receiving blankets. now it's all about getting the last minute things washed and put away.  her room is about 98% complete! so exciting.  anyway, so it was Harper errands then we grabbed some wings to go and headed home to watch the 49'ers kick some tail (so NOT a greenbay fan!)! my in-laws and sister in-law came over for a bit, for the last half of the game, to get in some much needed family catch up time! then it was back to relaxing together, cuddled up, dreading the restart of real life today!

i've really stunk at taking pictures lately!! rgh! i'll have to get on that!!!

make it a wonderful week!!! ♥

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  1. You Are A Christmass Kindred Spirit I Think :) I Am Just Recovering From My Christmas Blues. We Will Be Rolling Out The Decorations Again Before We Know It!