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i love following along and reading other blogs. i absolutely love people’s hearts and quite often the true heart is shown in writing. it really is a beautiful thing. i love that as bloggers we can focus on our families, our marriages, fashion, motherhood, crafts, recipes… sheesh, the list really could go on and on. we are all so diverse and i’ve always been a lover of learning, so therefore, i love learning from others – whether it is just reflections from their hearts or actual step by step tutorials – we all have something to learn from one another. there is a beautiful uniqueness of each person, and we all need to embrace our uniqueness. as i opened up my blog reader today, the very first blog drew me in… “When You Aren’t Like Her But Wish You Were” as a woman, i feel i can honestly say we have ALL been there…. dating clear back to elementary, hasn’t there always been someone you admired or respected, maybe she was a year or two older, maybe it was your youth pastor’s wife, maybe it was your sister (i know mine was!), or maybe, as an adult, it is a friend who’s marriage seems perfect or a friend who seemingly has a perfect life… or a blogger who always seems to have the most eloquent words flow abundantly. – no matter who, when, or where – no matter the circumstances – we have to stop comparing! we as women have to stop comparing our frustrating, ordinary, blah days to those we see someone else post on facebook or instagram.
When we do this we’re only comparing one aspect of another’s life to the whole of ours. It’s illogical.

let’s stop for a second and think about it… do you ever post a picture of yourself, in bed, in your pj’s doing nothing (ok, i do… bad example, hahaha… i love our lazy day pictures!)…. but what i’m getting at – i don’t think i’ve ever snapped a picture of my angry, bitter, irrational self picking a fight with my husband and posted it right away on instagram, because really, i’d rather no one see that side of me! but you can bet, when we are doing something fun and it is something i want to remember… i’ll have at least 10 pictures of it on my phone. i feel that we all need to remember – perspective.

Sometimes…sometimes Christian clich├ęs infuriate me. How many times have I heard or read (or said!), “To [do whatever you do] for an Audience of One.” Maybe that’s true in some cases but it made me feel like a liar when it came to writing. If it were true, I wouldn’t share my words in public places. But…b u t…what IS true for me is to offer all I do to the glory of God.

aye, aye, aye… how true that is!!! it seems when i’m having my pitty party of one, the last thing i want to hear is a Christian cliche’ reminding me of how it’s not about me and all about God…. probably the cliche’ notion that i blogged about a week prior, coming back to bite me in the rear… never fails! so all that to say… i wanted to share this blog entry with you all. one to keep myself accountable, that when i start comparing myself to others and thinking i’ll never been able to be like her or our marriage isn’t like theirs… to remind myself that it should be the other way around. i need to remain thankful that i am one of a kind and that my marriage is a beautiful one of a kind love. two to somehow, out of my own guilt, encourage you to do the same – be happy with how God made you. – be thankful for your own ideas and your own thoughts. – find your own creative side and let it flourish. & kiss that husband and thank him for loving you like only he can ♥

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