{just a lil' update}

we had yet another doctor's appointment yesterday. i'm pretty sure i mentioned my hope for signs of progress of Harper's soon arrival yesterday... no such luck. i have to admit, my heart sunk a little. i'm so ready to cuddle this little gal that constantly squirms and pokes and jabs me on a daily basis. i want to see what she looks like, if she's going to have a dark head full of hair like her mommy & daddy, if she's going to be a petite little thing or a big baby liker her mommy and daddy were... so many things that you think and ponder on for 9 months. to be so close is so exciting yet so nerve racking as, honestly, I CANNOT WAIT!! i can't wait to bring her home and start our lives as a family of
threesix (counting the fur kids).
as my doctor spoke to me about my exam, she suggested that if my contractions do start to become regular this week (i've been having a few on and off but nothing regular), to labor at home as long as possible. her exact words... stay at home til you can't take the pain anymore or your water breaks. when she said this, i couldn't help but think, "ok, God... I get it." you see, if i had to formulate a "perfect" birth plan.... laboring at home for the majority of the time would be my ideal. i've said over and over again that i want her to come when she is ready... not too early. so, i'm reminding myself, this is really what i wanted! but as my face becomes puffy, my ring can't stay on all day, and well, it's been 9 months... that we are almost there!
everything else at our appointment went well... still measuring perfectly, heart beat is "perfect", and i still haven't gained any additional weight (not sure how... none in the past 3 weeks!). we also found out that the gbs test was negative, so that is another plus... no antibiotics for me or Harper on delivery day! so, here we are... waiting patiently. i keep saying that i hope i go into labor on a weekend, to have a smooth transition at work - i'm planning on working up until she is born - ... so fingers crossed ;) i'm so looking forward to a couple months+ at home with our baby girl and with my hunka-husband! ♥

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