i was once too small to contain all this love....

wow, it's been awhile since I sat down and wrote with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning... but as I woke up to our heat not working for some reason, yes, its 50 degrees in our house... brrr... it seemed like a good time to curl up with a cup of coffee and computer. 

As my body is getting larger and larger...It's beginning to become unclear where she starts and I stop. At 36 weeks, I honestly don't remember what it felt like to not be pregnant. It is so crazy to me how out front and huge my baby bell is! I haven't gained any weight...but she sure is growing!!! We were out shopping yesterday, and just seeing all the clothes in sizes I use to wear... I just shook my head in awe.  Granted, I still wear my same pants with the help of a belly band most days, but still... this baby belly is out of control! It is so amazing to me how God made my body to grow and contain all this love... 

I've been thinking about her arrival... A lot. So much that I dream about it every night. These dreams vary from realistic to completely ridiculous, but none the less make me even more excited for her to be here. 

I can honestly say, I feel prepared. We need to grab some wipes and baby wash at costco, but those are the only things left on my list. And those two things we don't need before she gets here...more for stocking up purposes. Our breast pump has been ordered. Hopefully it will get here soon. Our insurance basically rocks!!! I'll be getting an awesome medella pump for free!! Oh the things pregnant ladies get excited about... Pretty sure single-past-me would be making fun of present me right now. HA! 

Yesterday, I finally packed our bags. Harper's has been packed for awhile. It was easy. I just filled her diaper bag with things she might need. Mine, I was a little more unsure of. But today. Today I finally got it packed. Since our due date is now less than a month away... It was time. I'm curious to see what I actually use. It's hard knowing what I will want. I've heard so many different opinions from all my mommy friends... they all offer such awesome advice, so I pretty much just incorporated it all. As usual, I'm sure I over packed. So as of now, we have a Harper bag, a bag for Me and a few things for Rob, and also a small bag just for labor and delivery... That way we can leave the big bag in the car til we get settled in our room. 

The closer we get... the more excited I become. And also the reality sinks in... These are our last few days or weeks of it being just the two of us. I feel that we are so great at it being just us... It's so weird to imagine "us" meaning 3! It's so exciting and so unknown. Harper is already such a huge part of our life and she isn't even here yet! 

This week, entering our 37th week... we have our hospital pre-admittance appointment as well as a doctor's appointment.  It will be so nice to get our pre-admittance set up... then, really, I will be ready! 

Photo Blast of the last 9 months:

the first of millions of tests i took... pretty clear ;)

baby girl at 9 weeks!!

no bump... just was getting "thicker"

21 weeks

It's a GIRL!


35 1/2 weeks... the belly started really growing OUT!
and bam!!! huge baby belly!!! watermelon is RIGHT!!!

Our Mommy & Me devotional is just so amazing and right on for our preparation of what's ahead, I'd love to share my devotional time with you....

Mommy- The Lord is Your Security! 

For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. Psalm 84:11

When your life is filled with the Lord and you walk with Him, He has promised to be your "sun and shield" to protect you and place good things in your life.  Spend each day praising God for His glorious grace.  Speak boldly of His love for you, and let your child know just how much the love of God means to you.  • Rest in the Lord's Protection!

Harper- God Protects Those Who Know Him!

He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways.  In their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone. Psalm 91:11-12

God Provides His angels to watch over you.  When you ask for His protection, He will be there.  God wants your relationship with Him to be filled with joy and gladness.  you are His advertisement to the world of His goodness and mercy.  You have been promised God's protection, so do not hesitate to seek God's wisdom and pray daily for Him to Help you in everything you do.  • God will protect you!
Lord, I thank you for loving me and Harper! Your provision never ceases to amazing God! Thank you for your constant protection and love! Please remove from me a heart of fear and anxiety.  Help me to remember that each moment is in your hands.  You are already in our future... you are already in that delivery room.  I ask you to place in my heart a peace that surpasses all understanding, giving me a calm heart.  I pray for an endurance over these next few weeks... and especially in the delivery room... an endurance that only comes from you, God.  I ask that you keep Harper and I safe and healthy! I ask that she is born in the best and safest of circumstances, Lord.  God, I pray that the physical pain I have ahead of me does not overwhelm, that I am able to keep my focus on you and the joy of holding Harper for the first time... give me a since of calm and purpose over the next few weeks!  God I also pray for my doctor and nurses... I pray for their skill, Father and I also ask that Rob and I can be a blessing to them during our upcoming stay.  I ask that your light shines from us.   
God, we gave Harper to you a long time ago... I praise you that we each are fearfully and wonderfully made! I praise you for the amazing opportunity to carry Harper the past few months... I thank  you for each and every squirm, kick, and hiccup.  I ask that you continue to give Rob and I wisdom, as her parents... show us how to guide her daily, that we may show her You and always point her to the shadow of the cross.  In Jesus Name, Amen!  

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