our due date is so quickly approaching!!! exactly a month from today, actually! I couldn't be more excited to meet our sweet girl and hold her in our arms. 

along with that comes a little bit of bitter-sweetness. as I anticipate the arrival of Harper, i still can't help but grieve the loss of our first pregnancy in April. it's truly something i feel can only be understood by the heart of a parent. i started to say only the heart of a mother, but knowing my husband and his heart... I know that isn't true. you see how odd it is to be so happy and excited about the birth of this child, when in all actuality she would've never been if our first pregnancy had been successful. & that is why i say only a parents heart can understand the truly awesome amount of encompassing love that it takes to grieve one child yet at the same time be so excited, with every fiber of your being, for the next. I my self, honestly, don't know how God possibly made our hearts so big!!

 Next month will wrap up the year for us...we got pregnant first in February. How poetic that our sweet Harper is due in February. I can't help but be so thankful and feel so blessed to have gotten the beautiful opportunity to be a mama to two wonderfully precious babies. Granted, I've been pregnant for almost a year straight.. Which is almost in itself unreal... But what an amazing AMAZING experience that so many don't get the chance to experience. 

So here I sit. Unbelievably grateful and in awe of how blessed we are. & how truly amazing it is that God blessed our lives so quickly with Harper. Needless to say, those first few seconds of her life outside the womb & holding her for the first time... I already know I'm going to be such a mess. ❤️ I cannot wait!!!! 

It's almost time to get this show on the road little girl... another week and a half or so and mommy says let's get this thing going ;) xoxo 

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