are we there yet????

ok. i'm so very ready for our little gal to be here! now that we have gotten our hospital registration out of the way, let's get this show on the road!

the pressure of carrying her around is getting a bit... ahem... uncomfortable.  braxton hicks contractions are a daily occurrence...i've had a few "real" contractions today... but nothing steady or consistent.

anyway, yes, i'm ready... ready to hold my baby girl in my arms & ready to have our family complete. iv'e been cautious to not say i'm ready to not be pregnant anymore, because, yes, i'm tired of waddling and i'm tired of maternity clothes... but i truly know i'm going to miss carrying our sweet girl.  there's just something about the little kicks and turns... those jabs to the pelvic bone that make you feel like you want to fall to your knees ;)  i love them all.  i have a pretty good feeling i'm going to miss that a lot!

hoping our first 'real' post over at the new blog will be announcing Harper's arrival ♥ let's get going little lady!

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