35 1/2 weeks!!!

today.  the bump is WAY out there!!! 
we are just a few days away from our starting our 9th month! wow! 
we had another doctor's appointment yesterday and everything is going great! harper is measuring perfectly, my weight gain is slow and steady...
again, only gaining 1lb since my last appointment, which puts me at 25lbs total.  if i continue to gain 1lb every 2 weeks for the next 4 weeks... that will put me under 30lbs, which was my goal. so i'm extremely happy with that!!! apparently, it might even completely plateau... some women don't gain any additional weight in the last month! my doctor said i looked good, and everything is on track.  she seemed a bit surprised that i'm not dilated yet. but i'm very much ok with that! baby girl needs to stay put at least 2 more weeks... once i'm in my 27th week she can come anytime she'd like. i just don't want to take ANY chances of not being able to bring her home with us! i cannot imagine how heart breaking it has to be as a new mom to leave your new baby in the nicu! 

i've been feeling great! i'm only finding a few things that are a lot harder to do... 
i.e. ...the other night i was getting a plastic bowl for leftovers out of the cabinet and basically just had to sit in the floor to look for it in our bottom cabinet.  i then could not get up for the life of me! 
rob stood back for a minute, then asked me if i was going to cry... he must have seen the frustration on my face! my reply, "i'm seriously thinking about it".  his response, "go ahead if you need to"... then he helped me up. love that man! and his understanding of how crazy all these changes to my body, as of late, have been for me! it's truly amazing how God made our bodies... i never would've thought my body could stretch and expand the way it has.  logically, i knew it needed to... but to actually see it happening is unreal.  

harper still hasn't found my ribs, thank goodness! she stays pretty curled up length wise, but man oh man, does she let those shoulders, elbows, and hands flail around! her favorite seems to be pushing from one side of me to the other, i'm assuming she's stretching out as much as she can when she does this.  so many times, i've wished i could just see inside to see what in the world she's doing! i told rob a couple days ago, that either we have a child that never sleeps or she sleeps like her daddy (he constantly moves during the night...yeah that one took some time to get use to!). before i was pregnant, i'd usually wake up in the same spot i fell asleep... total opposites ;) she continues to have the hiccups about 3-4 times a day... i've read that this means she is developing well.  my bellybutton is slowly flattening out...still hasn't "popped" to an outie... crossing my fingers that it doesn't.  still no stretch marks... really, i've been so blessed!... especially, considering that i don't use anything on my belly!!! i try to remember to use my mamabee lotion, but let's be honest, that happens maybe once every other week or less! my clothes continue to be tighter and tighter, so i know the belly is growing, even though i'm not really gaining weight.  and again... soooo tired of maternity clothes!!! 

rob surprised me with the pandora "baby girl teddy bear" charm this week... LOVE it!!! our Jared's has been sold out since forever... so he tracked it down online and ordered it for me ♥ so sweet!  it's the perfect addition to my charm bracelet!

in other fantastic news! our additional bathroom is finished!!! well, at least the construction part of it. the contractor finished up yesterday!!  we still need to get a shower curtain and some pretty stuff to decorate it... but its done! and it is SO pretty!!! so very happy with it! now, we have the cutest little guest suite downstairs! really happy to have this done before harper gets here, since her nursery took over our previous guest room...we will now have a nice place for out of town family and friends to stay with us still :)  this area was previously, just a bonus area in our laundry room... basically empty space.  it is so amazing to see it go from bare walls that didn't even have any dry wall on them to this! gosh i wish i was this handy!

here are a few pictures i snapped this morning.... love. love. LOVE it!

our days as of late have been pretty simple and low key! we've been staying in, hanging out together, and going to bed pretty early.  now, that's the good life! ♥ in example, last night we sat on the couch talking and catching up on our day and then i let rob beat me at cribbage a couple times... i love spending a relaxing evening with him.  it's really the best... so good for the soul.


  1. I had some down time at work, and I have been loving catching up on your blog. I love you and your little family so much. Oh, how I wish I got be a part of the everyday. The theme I have continued to see through the posts is how good our God is. He loves you all so much, and He is showing that His plans are sooo much better than we could ever imagine. Love you all from California!!

    1. He is SO good!!! His hand in our lives truly amazes me!!! I wish we lived closer too... miss you much, friend!!! ♥♥♥