{just a lil' update}

we had yet another doctor's appointment yesterday. i'm pretty sure i mentioned my hope for signs of progress of Harper's soon arrival yesterday... no such luck. i have to admit, my heart sunk a little. i'm so ready to cuddle this little gal that constantly squirms and pokes and jabs me on a daily basis. i want to see what she looks like, if she's going to have a dark head full of hair like her mommy & daddy, if she's going to be a petite little thing or a big baby liker her mommy and daddy were... so many things that you think and ponder on for 9 months. to be so close is so exciting yet so nerve racking as, honestly, I CANNOT WAIT!! i can't wait to bring her home and start our lives as a family of
threesix (counting the fur kids).
as my doctor spoke to me about my exam, she suggested that if my contractions do start to become regular this week (i've been having a few on and off but nothing regular), to labor at home as long as possible. her exact words... stay at home til you can't take the pain anymore or your water breaks. when she said this, i couldn't help but think, "ok, God... I get it." you see, if i had to formulate a "perfect" birth plan.... laboring at home for the majority of the time would be my ideal. i've said over and over again that i want her to come when she is ready... not too early. so, i'm reminding myself, this is really what i wanted! but as my face becomes puffy, my ring can't stay on all day, and well, it's been 9 months... that we are almost there!
everything else at our appointment went well... still measuring perfectly, heart beat is "perfect", and i still haven't gained any additional weight (not sure how... none in the past 3 weeks!). we also found out that the gbs test was negative, so that is another plus... no antibiotics for me or Harper on delivery day! so, here we are... waiting patiently. i keep saying that i hope i go into labor on a weekend, to have a smooth transition at work - i'm planning on working up until she is born - ... so fingers crossed ;) i'm so looking forward to a couple months+ at home with our baby girl and with my hunka-husband! ♥


{she can't do it like you}

i love following along and reading other blogs. i absolutely love people’s hearts and quite often the true heart is shown in writing. it really is a beautiful thing. i love that as bloggers we can focus on our families, our marriages, fashion, motherhood, crafts, recipes… sheesh, the list really could go on and on. we are all so diverse and i’ve always been a lover of learning, so therefore, i love learning from others – whether it is just reflections from their hearts or actual step by step tutorials – we all have something to learn from one another. there is a beautiful uniqueness of each person, and we all need to embrace our uniqueness. as i opened up my blog reader today, the very first blog drew me in… “When You Aren’t Like Her But Wish You Were” as a woman, i feel i can honestly say we have ALL been there…. dating clear back to elementary, hasn’t there always been someone you admired or respected, maybe she was a year or two older, maybe it was your youth pastor’s wife, maybe it was your sister (i know mine was!), or maybe, as an adult, it is a friend who’s marriage seems perfect or a friend who seemingly has a perfect life… or a blogger who always seems to have the most eloquent words flow abundantly. – no matter who, when, or where – no matter the circumstances – we have to stop comparing! we as women have to stop comparing our frustrating, ordinary, blah days to those we see someone else post on facebook or instagram.
When we do this we’re only comparing one aspect of another’s life to the whole of ours. It’s illogical.

let’s stop for a second and think about it… do you ever post a picture of yourself, in bed, in your pj’s doing nothing (ok, i do… bad example, hahaha… i love our lazy day pictures!)…. but what i’m getting at – i don’t think i’ve ever snapped a picture of my angry, bitter, irrational self picking a fight with my husband and posted it right away on instagram, because really, i’d rather no one see that side of me! but you can bet, when we are doing something fun and it is something i want to remember… i’ll have at least 10 pictures of it on my phone. i feel that we all need to remember – perspective.

Sometimes…sometimes Christian clich├ęs infuriate me. How many times have I heard or read (or said!), “To [do whatever you do] for an Audience of One.” Maybe that’s true in some cases but it made me feel like a liar when it came to writing. If it were true, I wouldn’t share my words in public places. But…b u t…what IS true for me is to offer all I do to the glory of God.

aye, aye, aye… how true that is!!! it seems when i’m having my pitty party of one, the last thing i want to hear is a Christian cliche’ reminding me of how it’s not about me and all about God…. probably the cliche’ notion that i blogged about a week prior, coming back to bite me in the rear… never fails! so all that to say… i wanted to share this blog entry with you all. one to keep myself accountable, that when i start comparing myself to others and thinking i’ll never been able to be like her or our marriage isn’t like theirs… to remind myself that it should be the other way around. i need to remain thankful that i am one of a kind and that my marriage is a beautiful one of a kind love. two to somehow, out of my own guilt, encourage you to do the same – be happy with how God made you. – be thankful for your own ideas and your own thoughts. – find your own creative side and let it flourish. & kiss that husband and thank him for loving you like only he can ♥


{harper's room}

you are our greatest adventure....

i'm so very happy with how her room turned out. to catch you up a little.... when we found out we were having a girl, i was quickly overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by PINK and the lack of anything other than stinkin' pink!!! i'm by far, not a girly-girl! but purple has been my favorite color since i could talk... so it seemed like a good compromise. as we started putting her room together, little wisps of pink found themselves creeping into her room, but i'm slowly becoming ok with that, HA! once we decided on the shade(s) of purple we wanted to go with for the walls we took off running! we decided to do a slightly darker shade of purple on one wall and the the other three a little lighter. i wanted to go with a "gray" purple and i think we managed that! the bedding her daddy bought for her, is mostly browns... which was beyond perfect!!! it ties the giraffe theme in so nicely.

after painting/before any of the furniture went in. the giraffe art was the first thing i made for her. you can see the step by step tutorial for that project (click on picture) after painting/before any of the furniture went in. the giraffe art was the first thing i made for her.

then came the fun part... once we started getting the furniture put together and in her room, it really started taking shape! then came the fun part... once we started getting the furniture put together and in her room, it really started taking shape!

we quickly got a few things in place. Lilly is still convinced that rug is for her. I'm ok with that; it puts her in a great spot to protect her baby sister! we quickly got a few things in place. Lilly is still convinced that rug is for her. I'm ok with that; it puts her in a great spot to protect her baby sister!

love this area of her room! the tissue puffs added a perfect pop of color!!! (click on picture for the tutorial from our old blog!) love this area of her room! the tissue puffs added a perfect pop of color!!!

cutest little side table!!... i have a feeling that sound machine is going to be a life saver!! cutest little side table!!... i have a feeling that sound machine is going to be a life saver!

changing table area originally... before the changing pad was added and the decor above. i'm pretty much in love with that lamp and the elephant (both were awesome finds by her Daddy!!... he SO rocks!). changing table area originally... before the changing pad was added and the decor above. i'm pretty much in love with that lamp and the elephant (both were awesome finds by her Daddy!!... he SO rocks

the finishing touches were added to her room last night... again, Rob ROCKS!!! Click on the picture to see a tutorial on how to make the name sign! the vinyl art can be found at pottery barn kids! the finishing touches were added to her room last night... again, the hunka-husband ROCKS!!! Click on the picture to see a tutorial on how to make the name sign! the vinyl art can be found at pottery barn kids!

so very happy with this area of her room, as well!!!... notice the cute little butterfly changing pad cover that her Daddy picked out for her ♥ someone is SOOO spoiled!

so very happy with this area of her room, as well!!!... notice the cute little butterfly changing pad cover that her Daddy picked out for her ♥ someone is SOOO spoiled![/caption] it has all really turned out even better than i had imagined! her closet is all organized, everything has been washed and put away... i couldn't ask for anything more! i truly feel her room will be a place we will be spending a lot of time, rocking her, playing, and just hanging out with our daughter! we can't wait!! in the words of my husband, "even for not knowing what we were doing, her room turned out awesome!"... honestly, we just picked up pieces we liked here and there, i found things online that i liked, and we just went for it! there are a couple more diy projects that i will eventually add... a friend of mine on instagram told me how to make THE CUTEST bow/ribbon holder so that is definitely next on my list, as well as something to hold her ten jillion books ♥ but for now, i'm so happy with her room the way it is! we are so blessed!!!


are we there yet????

ok. i'm so very ready for our little gal to be here! now that we have gotten our hospital registration out of the way, let's get this show on the road!

the pressure of carrying her around is getting a bit... ahem... uncomfortable.  braxton hicks contractions are a daily occurrence...i've had a few "real" contractions today... but nothing steady or consistent.

anyway, yes, i'm ready... ready to hold my baby girl in my arms & ready to have our family complete. iv'e been cautious to not say i'm ready to not be pregnant anymore, because, yes, i'm tired of waddling and i'm tired of maternity clothes... but i truly know i'm going to miss carrying our sweet girl.  there's just something about the little kicks and turns... those jabs to the pelvic bone that make you feel like you want to fall to your knees ;)  i love them all.  i have a pretty good feeling i'm going to miss that a lot!

hoping our first 'real' post over at the new blog will be announcing Harper's arrival ♥ let's get going little lady!

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{to love change}


this will be my last week blogging here with blogger/blogspot! 
i'm a little sad, mostly because blogger is SO user friendly...
it's like switching from an iphone to an android, HA! 
but, it needs to be done.  
for privacy reasons, you will be able to find us over at wordpress in a few weeks.

i'd like to continue blogging from here until Harper's arrival, but considering that's all up to her...
i figured my 37th/38th week would be a good ending/starting point. 

i'm so excited to start a new blog... fresh and clean, and i love beginnings! this will allow me to publicly share things, much like i've been doing here... our happenings, ramblings, life, marriage, recipes, diy crafts, etc.  it will also allow me to share things privately, with just family and friends... mostly Harper. 
i would prefer it to be her decision, if and when, she wants all of her information, pictures,etc shared with the world. it's so creepy all the pictures of us that are floating about on any search engine.  i refuse to have my baby girl a result of a google search by some creep! i considered no more blogging... but i truly love it. it is such a great outlet. & i love sharing my daily life with our friends and family near and far!

so, if you happen upon our wordpress page, it is still under MAJOR construction... you can still find us here for the next week or so. 

in other words... you've been warned ;) change is coming! ♥ isn't it great?! keep an eye out for our new blog address! 

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As we prepare for Harper, we've also been praying for wisdom. Wisdom to guide her, love her, and provide for her.

As I prepare to raise a daughter in a harsh world, quite frankly, it scares me. This world is a hard place for us all, but especially for young women. Basically, our culture is so mixed up. Most tend to put emphasis on the temporary and discard the eternal.

"women, modesty means you have beauty and power. & you use that to teach men how to love you for the right reasons." - Jason Evert.

Modesty and Purity are a couple of BIG things I hope we can instill in our daughter early on. I believe modesty isn't just about how we dress, but more if a state of mind... How we present ourselves to others. It's the embodiment of the respect we insist on from others. I want Harper to never expect anything less than being treated as a lady with respect!!! I stumbled upon this book... and it is getting added to my must read list!! "Six Ways to keep the Little in your Little Girl" 

And I want women to get in there with the men in humility before God, not primping before a mirror or chasing the latest fashions but doing something beautiful for God and becoming beautiful doing it. 1Timothy 2:9-11 (msg)

I hope that we can teach Harper that her existence and happiness shouldn't be centered on a boy or even her friends...but on God and his purpose in her life.  I recently read a blog on this subject, but from the perspective of a boy's mother... so very interesting.  Often, as a woman, I've thought of us as being the "target" or "the victim". This made me realize it goes both ways... we, as women, often end up with what we allow or portray.
Let’s choose modesty – modesty that allows a woman’s true beauty to shine through. -Lisa Jacobson
It is such a fine balance... I want Harper to carry herself with confidence... but I want it to be rooted, deeply, where it should be... not in material or temporary things, not in how she feels others perceive her, not whether others like her or affirm her...  but in her identity in Christ.  With God's wisdom and grace, I pray that we can guide her in the right paths... leading her to values of self respect and purity! ♥


Sunday Social!

it's been awhile... a good Sunday Social to start the year! 

Sunday Social

1. What is the name of your blog? How long have you been blogging?

Blog Name: "You, Me, & BabyT", it started out as "It's a beautiful life"... but morphed into baby central in May ;) 

& I've been blogging since January of 2012! So I guess this is my 2 year bloggerversary!!! 

2. Why do you blog?

I started out blogging because we were moving across the country, and I wanted to document our adventures. Well, our adventures continued after moving! It became a way for me to share our life with friends and family, for me to write about marriage and being a wife, and just a chance to journal/scrapbook! And now I've gotten the blessing of adding my mama to be adventures! Truly, I blog mostly for myself, to get my thoughts down, but it also serves as a great way to keep our families up to date with our lives! Sometimes it creeps me out to let the world into some of my inner most thoughts and our lives in such detail... I tried keeping it private for awhile, but I wanted to be able to share my diy crafts, recipes, and other fun stuff on pinterest.  Plus I love meeting fellow bloggers through link ups such as this one! ♥ & honestly, that might change once Harper is born. I've been thinking a lot about that lately & her privacy. I want to be conscious of what I share of her... It's one thing to share words, but pictures are so different! There are so many weirdos out there these days. I'd rather them not have access to my baby girl!!! 

3. What is the first blog you ever followed?
Hmmm... Probably one of my best friend, Jessica's blog or another best friends sister in laws blog. I LOVE following fellow bloggers!! 

4. What is your favorite post you wrote in 2013?
It would have to be my post announcing that we were expecting!! It really was the highlight of our year! 

5. What are your blogging goals for 2014?
To try to keep up with it! Haha. With being a new mom, I'm sure I'll stay pretty busy, but I at least want to document Harper's milestones. Keep an eye out for at least monthly posts and a picture monthly from her elephant chair.... idea stolen from my dearest Jessica's blog above ♥

6. Top 3 favorite blogs to follow?
Depends. Are we taking people I really know? Or not .... Of course I love all my friends' blogs!!! Especially those who are states away!! I already mentioned Jessica's blog above, as well as Katie's.  Also, check out my sister's blog... she is just getting started.  I also LOVE reading my dear Jaime's blog, little bits!... also check out Ashly at Unveiling Beauty ... shamelessly plugging my friends blogs, hahaha.  Basically, I read a lot of blogs that ROCK!!! Check out my favorites feed on the side ------>

i was once too small to contain all this love....

wow, it's been awhile since I sat down and wrote with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning... but as I woke up to our heat not working for some reason, yes, its 50 degrees in our house... brrr... it seemed like a good time to curl up with a cup of coffee and computer. 

As my body is getting larger and larger...It's beginning to become unclear where she starts and I stop. At 36 weeks, I honestly don't remember what it felt like to not be pregnant. It is so crazy to me how out front and huge my baby bell is! I haven't gained any weight...but she sure is growing!!! We were out shopping yesterday, and just seeing all the clothes in sizes I use to wear... I just shook my head in awe.  Granted, I still wear my same pants with the help of a belly band most days, but still... this baby belly is out of control! It is so amazing to me how God made my body to grow and contain all this love... 

I've been thinking about her arrival... A lot. So much that I dream about it every night. These dreams vary from realistic to completely ridiculous, but none the less make me even more excited for her to be here. 

I can honestly say, I feel prepared. We need to grab some wipes and baby wash at costco, but those are the only things left on my list. And those two things we don't need before she gets here...more for stocking up purposes. Our breast pump has been ordered. Hopefully it will get here soon. Our insurance basically rocks!!! I'll be getting an awesome medella pump for free!! Oh the things pregnant ladies get excited about... Pretty sure single-past-me would be making fun of present me right now. HA! 

Yesterday, I finally packed our bags. Harper's has been packed for awhile. It was easy. I just filled her diaper bag with things she might need. Mine, I was a little more unsure of. But today. Today I finally got it packed. Since our due date is now less than a month away... It was time. I'm curious to see what I actually use. It's hard knowing what I will want. I've heard so many different opinions from all my mommy friends... they all offer such awesome advice, so I pretty much just incorporated it all. As usual, I'm sure I over packed. So as of now, we have a Harper bag, a bag for Me and a few things for Rob, and also a small bag just for labor and delivery... That way we can leave the big bag in the car til we get settled in our room. 

The closer we get... the more excited I become. And also the reality sinks in... These are our last few days or weeks of it being just the two of us. I feel that we are so great at it being just us... It's so weird to imagine "us" meaning 3! It's so exciting and so unknown. Harper is already such a huge part of our life and she isn't even here yet! 

This week, entering our 37th week... we have our hospital pre-admittance appointment as well as a doctor's appointment.  It will be so nice to get our pre-admittance set up... then, really, I will be ready! 

Photo Blast of the last 9 months:

the first of millions of tests i took... pretty clear ;)

baby girl at 9 weeks!!

no bump... just was getting "thicker"

21 weeks

It's a GIRL!


35 1/2 weeks... the belly started really growing OUT!
and bam!!! huge baby belly!!! watermelon is RIGHT!!!

Our Mommy & Me devotional is just so amazing and right on for our preparation of what's ahead, I'd love to share my devotional time with you....

Mommy- The Lord is Your Security! 

For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. Psalm 84:11

When your life is filled with the Lord and you walk with Him, He has promised to be your "sun and shield" to protect you and place good things in your life.  Spend each day praising God for His glorious grace.  Speak boldly of His love for you, and let your child know just how much the love of God means to you.  • Rest in the Lord's Protection!

Harper- God Protects Those Who Know Him!

He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways.  In their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone. Psalm 91:11-12

God Provides His angels to watch over you.  When you ask for His protection, He will be there.  God wants your relationship with Him to be filled with joy and gladness.  you are His advertisement to the world of His goodness and mercy.  You have been promised God's protection, so do not hesitate to seek God's wisdom and pray daily for Him to Help you in everything you do.  • God will protect you!
Lord, I thank you for loving me and Harper! Your provision never ceases to amazing God! Thank you for your constant protection and love! Please remove from me a heart of fear and anxiety.  Help me to remember that each moment is in your hands.  You are already in our future... you are already in that delivery room.  I ask you to place in my heart a peace that surpasses all understanding, giving me a calm heart.  I pray for an endurance over these next few weeks... and especially in the delivery room... an endurance that only comes from you, God.  I ask that you keep Harper and I safe and healthy! I ask that she is born in the best and safest of circumstances, Lord.  God, I pray that the physical pain I have ahead of me does not overwhelm, that I am able to keep my focus on you and the joy of holding Harper for the first time... give me a since of calm and purpose over the next few weeks!  God I also pray for my doctor and nurses... I pray for their skill, Father and I also ask that Rob and I can be a blessing to them during our upcoming stay.  I ask that your light shines from us.   
God, we gave Harper to you a long time ago... I praise you that we each are fearfully and wonderfully made! I praise you for the amazing opportunity to carry Harper the past few months... I thank  you for each and every squirm, kick, and hiccup.  I ask that you continue to give Rob and I wisdom, as her parents... show us how to guide her daily, that we may show her You and always point her to the shadow of the cross.  In Jesus Name, Amen!  

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our due date is so quickly approaching!!! exactly a month from today, actually! I couldn't be more excited to meet our sweet girl and hold her in our arms. 

along with that comes a little bit of bitter-sweetness. as I anticipate the arrival of Harper, i still can't help but grieve the loss of our first pregnancy in April. it's truly something i feel can only be understood by the heart of a parent. i started to say only the heart of a mother, but knowing my husband and his heart... I know that isn't true. you see how odd it is to be so happy and excited about the birth of this child, when in all actuality she would've never been if our first pregnancy had been successful. & that is why i say only a parents heart can understand the truly awesome amount of encompassing love that it takes to grieve one child yet at the same time be so excited, with every fiber of your being, for the next. I my self, honestly, don't know how God possibly made our hearts so big!!

 Next month will wrap up the year for us...we got pregnant first in February. How poetic that our sweet Harper is due in February. I can't help but be so thankful and feel so blessed to have gotten the beautiful opportunity to be a mama to two wonderfully precious babies. Granted, I've been pregnant for almost a year straight.. Which is almost in itself unreal... But what an amazing AMAZING experience that so many don't get the chance to experience. 

So here I sit. Unbelievably grateful and in awe of how blessed we are. & how truly amazing it is that God blessed our lives so quickly with Harper. Needless to say, those first few seconds of her life outside the womb & holding her for the first time... I already know I'm going to be such a mess. ❤️ I cannot wait!!!! 

It's almost time to get this show on the road little girl... another week and a half or so and mommy says let's get this thing going ;) xoxo 


35 1/2 weeks!!!

today.  the bump is WAY out there!!! 
we are just a few days away from our starting our 9th month! wow! 
we had another doctor's appointment yesterday and everything is going great! harper is measuring perfectly, my weight gain is slow and steady...
again, only gaining 1lb since my last appointment, which puts me at 25lbs total.  if i continue to gain 1lb every 2 weeks for the next 4 weeks... that will put me under 30lbs, which was my goal. so i'm extremely happy with that!!! apparently, it might even completely plateau... some women don't gain any additional weight in the last month! my doctor said i looked good, and everything is on track.  she seemed a bit surprised that i'm not dilated yet. but i'm very much ok with that! baby girl needs to stay put at least 2 more weeks... once i'm in my 27th week she can come anytime she'd like. i just don't want to take ANY chances of not being able to bring her home with us! i cannot imagine how heart breaking it has to be as a new mom to leave your new baby in the nicu! 

i've been feeling great! i'm only finding a few things that are a lot harder to do... 
i.e. ...the other night i was getting a plastic bowl for leftovers out of the cabinet and basically just had to sit in the floor to look for it in our bottom cabinet.  i then could not get up for the life of me! 
rob stood back for a minute, then asked me if i was going to cry... he must have seen the frustration on my face! my reply, "i'm seriously thinking about it".  his response, "go ahead if you need to"... then he helped me up. love that man! and his understanding of how crazy all these changes to my body, as of late, have been for me! it's truly amazing how God made our bodies... i never would've thought my body could stretch and expand the way it has.  logically, i knew it needed to... but to actually see it happening is unreal.  

harper still hasn't found my ribs, thank goodness! she stays pretty curled up length wise, but man oh man, does she let those shoulders, elbows, and hands flail around! her favorite seems to be pushing from one side of me to the other, i'm assuming she's stretching out as much as she can when she does this.  so many times, i've wished i could just see inside to see what in the world she's doing! i told rob a couple days ago, that either we have a child that never sleeps or she sleeps like her daddy (he constantly moves during the night...yeah that one took some time to get use to!). before i was pregnant, i'd usually wake up in the same spot i fell asleep... total opposites ;) she continues to have the hiccups about 3-4 times a day... i've read that this means she is developing well.  my bellybutton is slowly flattening out...still hasn't "popped" to an outie... crossing my fingers that it doesn't.  still no stretch marks... really, i've been so blessed!... especially, considering that i don't use anything on my belly!!! i try to remember to use my mamabee lotion, but let's be honest, that happens maybe once every other week or less! my clothes continue to be tighter and tighter, so i know the belly is growing, even though i'm not really gaining weight.  and again... soooo tired of maternity clothes!!! 

rob surprised me with the pandora "baby girl teddy bear" charm this week... LOVE it!!! our Jared's has been sold out since forever... so he tracked it down online and ordered it for me ♥ so sweet!  it's the perfect addition to my charm bracelet!

in other fantastic news! our additional bathroom is finished!!! well, at least the construction part of it. the contractor finished up yesterday!!  we still need to get a shower curtain and some pretty stuff to decorate it... but its done! and it is SO pretty!!! so very happy with it! now, we have the cutest little guest suite downstairs! really happy to have this done before harper gets here, since her nursery took over our previous guest room...we will now have a nice place for out of town family and friends to stay with us still :)  this area was previously, just a bonus area in our laundry room... basically empty space.  it is so amazing to see it go from bare walls that didn't even have any dry wall on them to this! gosh i wish i was this handy!

here are a few pictures i snapped this morning.... love. love. LOVE it!

our days as of late have been pretty simple and low key! we've been staying in, hanging out together, and going to bed pretty early.  now, that's the good life! ♥ in example, last night we sat on the couch talking and catching up on our day and then i let rob beat me at cribbage a couple times... i love spending a relaxing evening with him.  it's really the best... so good for the soul.


more than a middle name...


driving to work this morning, listening to the radio and the song "amazing grace" by Chris Tomlin came on.  i really hadn't thought a whole lot about Harper's middle name until today.  sure it flows nicely, sounds cute... but it's the middle name her daddy picked for her... 
and that in itself has so much meaning.

And like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love, amazing grace
The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures

it honestly brings tears to my eyes. while Harper's daddy picked this name for her; our heavenly father picked each of us and covers us with His grace daily.  He promises good to us and is the anchor for our soul...securing our hope. i hope and pray, that even though we are only Harper's earthly parents, that we can provide the same for her.  i pray we  may also serve as her anchor, her hope, and her shield... providing her with unending, gracious, love. grace is unmerited.  i hope and pray that we never make Harper feel as if she needs to earn our love and affection... that she knows it flows out of us, naturally... because we are her parents.  my hope is that we build a foundation of love, grace, and strength for her... always pointing and guiding her to the cross. i pray that we always encourage and always protect, encouraging and empowering her to be who God has called her to be. i hope for wisdom and a strong purpose in her life, to serve and love. 
And the child grew and became strong; {she} was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on {her}. Luke 2:40

for as much as we hope, pray, and love this child already, i know God loves her even more and is already in her future.  this mama takes much comfort in that! ♥ thank you God for this unbelievable and wonderful blessing!!!
we love you baby girl!!!
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so long holidays....

we said so long to the holidays this weekend, as we took the ornaments off the tree, packed everything up and rob hauled it back into storage...to sit and wait until next year! i honestly, already, cannot wait until Christmas next year!!! we will have a 10 1/2 month old at that time... how amazing is that?! i can't think of anything better than sharing my love of Christmas with my daughter!

i usually get so sad when the holidays are over, but this year... i'm not. for one, we have something so exciting coming up, and secondly, let's face it the holidays were a bit of a drag for us this year.  ugh. but as we get back in to the normal routine, i have to admit i'm a bit of a grump! i actually said last night, "ugh, i have to work 5 days in a row?!". HA! how quickly one is spoiled! Christmas week i worked one day... last week i worked 3 days... so spoiled! so it makes 5 seem so long and the weekend seem so far away!!!

this past weekend we woke up to tons of snow on the ground! we had plans to head out and run errands and just make a day of getting things done and hanging out together.... well, that turned into staying in, cuddling in our warm bed, and watching tv/movies all day! we left the house to go to the market for snacks and stuff to make chili, but that was it! then it was back home to hibernate! it was truly one of those lovely, lovely days!!! at one point, rob and i sat cuddled on the couch in front of the fireplace, listening to music, and watching the snow fall (dump)... it was one of those moments i wanted to bottle up and save it for later! we were listening to a wide variety of music, and as a song came on that catapulted me straight back to 2006 i sat there in amazement.  it was a song that he and i use to drive around to and laugh and sing (rap our best, lol) and just be goofy to... i sat there thinking, if we only could have seen where we'd be 8 years down the road... we went from a couple of free spirits, probably up to no good - he basically annoyed the heck out of me (ok, that hasn't changed)... no interest in falling in love, let alone with one another... flash forward 8 years, there we were - over 3 years of marriage under our belt, in our cozy wonderful home, expecting our first baby! God is so Amazing!!! ♥

yesterday we reluctantly joined the real world... headed out to babies r us to finish up some last minute shopping for Harper.  she didn't really need much more... a couple of changing pad covers, mattress pad covers (i'm adamant that she will at least nap in her crib early on... i'm all about making transitions easier!), & a few more receiving blankets. now it's all about getting the last minute things washed and put away.  her room is about 98% complete! so exciting.  anyway, so it was Harper errands then we grabbed some wings to go and headed home to watch the 49'ers kick some tail (so NOT a greenbay fan!)! my in-laws and sister in-law came over for a bit, for the last half of the game, to get in some much needed family catch up time! then it was back to relaxing together, cuddled up, dreading the restart of real life today!

i've really stunk at taking pictures lately!! rgh! i'll have to get on that!!!

make it a wonderful week!!! ♥

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the christmas blur, 34weeks, NYE, and just flat out anticipation!!!

so the question... "how was your christmas"?.... my answer... a BLUR!

rob and i both were sicker than sick. his flu started on sunday and mine was in full swing by tuesday! we spent the whole week of christmas in bed... i then labeled it the "death flu". it was seriously awful. thankfully, our family loves us... germs and all.  we still got to celebrate christmas eve at my in-laws with a yummy sit down, family dinner of tamales... wow did they ever hit the spot!!! & then my mother-in-law started the present giving early with a scavenger hunt for our gifts from them... so fun!! christmas morning we woke up and had our own little family christmas together, rob, lilly, & i.  it was the first time i've EVER celebrated christmas on christmas morning in my own home with my own little family.... & i loved it! we did stockings, opened our gifts to one another (even though we didn't get each other anything HA! good thing we've neither one learned to believe that anymore!), and the gifts my family had sent us. then we stayed in our pj's and headed over to matt & leah's for breakfast and family gifts... holy moley... we were swimming in presents on our little couch by the end of it all! between amazing gifts for us and for harper... we had quite the car load! we had one more christmas dinner to go to that night, but sadly didn't make it... we were spent.  we went home and slept until saturday, lol. i kid you not. sunday we put real clothes on and joined the world of the living, kind of... for a few hours anyway.
the beginning of this week was also a little bit of a blur.... we worked for a day and then enjoyed new years eve and new years day together.  new years eve we celebrated a night out with rob's favorite coworkers... yep, me, almost 9 months pregnant in my black dress and 5 inch heals, ha! but we had a great time... yummy food, great company, and tons of laughs and dancing! we slept in yesterday and then rob took me to breakfast... love days like that!!! then we headed over to matt & leah's for the nebraska bowl game and some family time ♥ wrapped up the day with a spontaneous date together... then spent the rest of the afternoon like we started the holiday weeks... resting in bed and just being lazy together... my favorite!!! ♥

we are truly blessed!! 2013 had so many high points and i just know 2014 is going to be even better, as we get to meet our sweet Harper and add to the love in our family!

at 34 1/2 weeks, time seems to be flying by and i can't seem to slow it down, even if i wanted to.  apparently, old wives tale or not... babies seem to be born early in the rockies... many say it's due to the altitude.  so i'm trying to prepare for that! we were talking yesterday about all the little things we need to get done.  i'd also like to have a house cleaner come in and clean our home from top to bottom WELL, before she gets here.  i so need to make a list! ha! i still haven't packed my hospital bag... rob keeps reminding me.  sigh. i think i feel bigger and bigger each day... i've really, truly loved being pregnant and i'm blessed that it's been a smooth & easy almost 9 months.  but. i'm sooo ready to have our little gal here and to have my old body back.  i'm getting so tired of maternity clothes!!! and i'm getting even more tired of the "you're so big, but so tiny" comments... and the fact that no matter how hard i try, the waddle is here to stay! i find myself getting a little anxious for the unknown.  this whole time i've done pretty well with curbing the fear/anxiety of becoming a new parent/delivery. but, as it gets closer i think it's the unknown that's starting to get to me. i can understand now why women schedule their deliveries! i wish i could plan when i'm going to stop working, how long i will labor at home, and when we will be heading to the hospital... ideally, in a perfect world, i would come to work on a friday and go into labor on a saturday... labor at home for as long as possible and then head to the hospital.  but, i know things never quite go as planned! just ask my dear friend who planned a nice relaxing home birth a couple months ago and her sweet little man decided he was going to enter this world at warp speed... labor and delivery a whole whopping 45 min! i'd appreciate a quick delivery, but that's a bit fast, haha! honestly, i'm not too scared of the pain or the needles, etc... i have a pretty high pain tolerance.  i just want her to be here, get here safely and healthy, and be settled already! i had a dream last night that she was already here... let's just say i didn't want to wake up :)

enjoy the photo blast of our last 2 weeks (a little sparse... since we both felt like death and didn't feel like taking many pics)....

gift basket from the Harrisons ♥

christmas puppy!

she loves her stocking, and pulling out her stocking stuffers... she's a mess!

Harper's first official Christmas present from her Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in Arkansas!

and... an ADORABLE outfit!!! 

Christmas at Matt & Leah's

Papa helping Levi put together his present from us!

lilly's friend molly came over for a sleep over last weekend ♥

just keep getting rounder... hahaha

NYE compilation ;) 

New Year's Day Family time!

New Year's Day Family time!

our hibachi chef made Harper a 2014 and kept driving home the point that we have to let her
know that she was born the year of the horse... ♥ what can i say... this girl is even
loved by complete strangers!! 

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