to all my thirty somethings out there... this is for you.

it's true.  if you aren't thirty... one day, you will wake up and wonder what happened to your twenties.  your life will be filled with stories of "remember when" or "remember that night...".  you will discover that all of those wild and crazy adventures that you normally bounced right back from the next day, you will now wake up and wonder what the heck you were thinking.  and like this article says... seriously, it happens over night. and don't get me started on becoming a light weight or how weekend plans of "apple picking" seem so fun but that's ALL you can plan in one weekend... after all, you need some time to recover before Monday rolls around.  sleeping in is 9am, if you're lucky. and really... we have to have it all together by 40, right?! and yes, when someone asks your age, you really truly have to stop and think... and sometimes do the math... and then become quite shocked that you aren't 25 anymore! sigh.

thus is life. ... & might i say, the good life ♥ i adore these days.

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