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here we are... 9 weeks from our due date.  once again, time is going by quickly... but i'm so ready for her to be here.  i don't feel like my body/belly has grown much over the past few weeks, but my comfort level sure is creeping out the door! i toss and turn at night and during the day i'm finding it harder to catch my breath! Harper definitely feels like she's taking up all the room possible in there... i say this every month, but how in the world is she suppose to grow anymore?!

i painted my toes tonight! which was quite the task! it was pretty obvious one foot was easier to reach than the other.  Harper likes to hang out mostly on my right side... meaning that reaching my right foot was nearly impossible.  BUT... they're done and don't look too bad ;) i also got bored tonight and decided to pack the diaper bag... 3 outfits for Harper plus her going home outfit, a swaddle, a couple of burp cloths, a swaddle blanket and a receiving blanket... and of course hats/bows to match everything.  i'm notoriously an over packer... but hopefully she will have what she needs. i'm sure i'll change my mind on what i want to take closer to time. haha. as far as my bag goes.... i can't even wrap my brain around that.  & i have a few weeks to try. i did pick up a couple of night gowns for the hospital.  can i just tell you how hard it is to find night gowns in size small... and when they are found, that they don't look like a 90year old's mu-mu?! finally found a couple of cute tommy h. gowns at tj max! whew. and they were on clearance!! double score! all of the odds and ends that i need to grab for myself for postpartum is a little overwhelming... nursing bras, nursing pads, pads, and the list goes on! i've just decided to think about all that later... haha. (every once in awhile the scarlet o'hara comes out in me).

on the pregnancy front...
i feel huge but keep getting comments from strangers on how small i am to be 8 months pregnant.  i get that... but still, when you feel three times your normal size, small isn't really the word that comes to mind.  i've loved being pregnant during this time of year so far... until it has come time to pick out clothes for holiday parties.  a lot of my nice black dresses still fit...but leave me feeling like an elephant.  frustration sets in...

no stretch marks, yet. i'm not sure how or why because i use my mamma-bee lotion maybe once every other week... i'm awful at it! once again, good genetics i guess.  my mom and my granny neither one had stretch marks, so maybe i'll get lucky... although i don't think i really mind.  linea nigra has slightly appeared just below my belly button.  it's so faint that i can barely see it though, unless i'm looking for it. belly button is still there.  it's stretched pretty darn good... but it hasn't flattened out completely and seems a long way from becoming an outtie (thank God!... i'm dreading that day for some reason, ha!). my hips and ribs continue to ache... leaving me walking like a duck from time to time. i'm still able to wear my ring... so thankful, i haven't had much if any swelling yet.  hopefully it stays that way... another benefit of being pregnant this time of year!

most days, when asked i absolutely LOVE being pregnant!! it's been wonderful so far.  the uncomfortablness gets me from time to time... i made the statement to Rob today that i don't remember what it feels like not to be pregnant.  the little aches and pains are just becoming the normal.  today is a day that i'm soooo unbelievably ready for february to be here and for us to have our baby girl in our arms!


Sunday Social:

1. What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?
a picture of the hunka-hubs and i ♥

2. What do you keep beside your bed?
a bottle of water & my pre-natal viatmins

3. What is your least favorite chore? 
laundry. the end.

4. If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be?
that i have to set an alarm.

5. What do you do to vent anger?
call rob.

6. What is your favorite holiday of the year and why?
Thanksgiving.  I love that it's a family holiday without the fuss and craziness that often surrounds Christmas.  I love Christmas though as well... and of course the true meaning of Christmas!

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